4 Benefits Of Sleeping Without Undies

Wearing underwear is a very good thing for ladies, but when we talk of sleeping in the night, it may be somehow harmful to the body. However, in this piece, I will analyze 4 benefits that could be derived from sleeping without putting on your underwear as a lady. Different ladies prefer to go to bed in different dresses, some will wear shorts, pajamas, nighties, and so on to the bed, while some will decide to go without anything on…..CONTINUE READING

The major concern in this article today is to know which one is better and what benefits can we derive from it.

Therefore, according to healthline, below are the four (4) benefits that you can derive from sleeping without any undies at all.

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1. It Prevents Yeast Infection.

According to healthline, Wearing the right underwear can lead to a very troublesome infection known as vaginitis, this is an infection that usually causes itching in the private parts and as well as a white discharge like cottage cheese. It also causes trichomoniasis, which causes similar symptoms but is characterized by greenish-yellow discharge.

Therefore to prevent this, ladies must try as much as possible to be sleeping naked or with wears that allowed the vagina to breathe.

Let’s note that tight underwear can increase your risk of vaginal yeast infection since yeast likes to grow in warm and moist places.

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2. Increases Comfort (If go naked or ditching).

Everyone desires comforts almost in every area of life. However, some women can’t bear the discomfort that comes with wearing underwear. If you don’t want to go completely naked, it could be advisable to ditch it completely such as trying different cuts, styles, and patterns. But it could have been best to go naked since all you desire is comforts.

3. It Helps To Relieve Dampness.

Wearing underwear sometimes causes dampness, which eventually leads to discomfort. If you are someone who sweats a lot and experiences discharge, then ditching the underwear is a good idea. Even if you decide to skip the underwear and wear fitted pants, it’s not going to help.

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things to never apply on vagina

Sleeping while wearing underwear can lead to dampness at the privates.

4. It Will Let Your Vaginal Area Breathe.

If you are someone who wears synthetic underwear, it is natural that it will prevent air from flowing freely. This essentially means that you are letting your vaginal area breathe, which is necessary. That is because it is a sensitive area and increased contact with any clothing can increase the sensitivity…..CONTINUE READING