4 Things That Can Make Male Private Organ To Decrease In Size

Penile atrophy, often known as penis shrinking, is a condition in which the male genitalia shrinks. Due to a variety of factors, the length of one’s penis might shrink by up to an inch or more. It’s basically a loss of penile tissue that causes a decrease in the length or girth of the penis…..CONTINUE READING

Although most shrinking is transitory, it might be permanent in some situations. This shrinking is often documented worldwide, according to several urologists. The male genitalia’s size is determined by genetic and inherited factors. Furthermore, the flaccid length of a penis is not always the same as the erect length.

The size of the penis fluctuates based on the circulation of the penile blood. When there is greater blood flow, there is more tumescence, and when there is less blood flow, there is less tumescence. Shrinkage is mostly caused by cold exposure, anxiety or nervousness, and engagement in athletic activities, all of which are linked to blood flow.

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According to Healthline, below are 4 causes of male organ shrinkage.

1. Temperature.

It’s one of the leading reasons of penile shrinkage, according to experts. When exposed to cold conditions, arterial flow in the body’s peripheral portions narrows in order to maintain blood flow and body temperature. Swelling and inflammation are reduced by the cold, causing the penis to shrink.

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2. Peyronie’s disease.

The male organ develops an excessive curvature in Peyronie’s disease, causing pain during intimate contact. The length of the male organ can be reduced by Peyronie’s. The male organ size can be reduced through surgery to remove the scar tissue that causes Peyronie’s.

3. Aging.

The size of a man’s private organ may shrink as he gets older. The buildup of fatty deposits in your arteries, which reduces blood flow to your male organ, is one explanation. The muscle cells in the spongy tubes of erectile tissue within your male organ may wither as a result of this. In order for the male organ to rise, the erectile tissue fills with blood.

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Scar tissue can accumulate over time as a result of repeated minor injuries to your male organ during intercourse. The formerly pliable and elastic covering that surrounds your male organ’s spongy erectile tissues thickens. The size of the male organ could be limited as a result of this.

4. Prostrate surgery.

Following the removal of a malignant prostate gland, up to 70% of men report mild to moderate penis shortening. The term “radical prostatectomy” refers to this operation.

The reason for the shortening of the penis following prostatectomy is unknown. Abnormal groyne muscle spasms that draw the penis further into a man’s body could be one cause…..CONTINUE READING