EXCLUSIVE: ‘I Was Forced To Leave Telugu Cinema’ When Sameera Reddy Addressed Her Affair With Jr NTR

In her brief career in Indian cinema, actress Sameera Reddy appeared in a few films that are noteworthy. She has acted in Bollywood movies as well as Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada movies…..CONTINUE READING HERE

She is more well-known outside of Tollywood for her alleged ties with Jr. NTR than for any of her films here.

We’ve all heard and read about celebrity affairs, but we rarely hear about the mental or emotional toll it can take on the person who is being targeted. After allegations of their purported affair made the rounds in 2006, actress Sameera Reddy and Jr. NTR’s names were repeatedly spoken in the same sentence. The Telugu actor was known for being quiet in general, and after the two worked together on the romantic film Ashok and became good friends, it was thought that it was more than just ‘dosti.’

She had discussed this enough and at length. The 39-year-old actress was forced to address the issue once more in a recent media interview. She was adamant that she never had a romantic relationship with Jr. NTR.

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In the 2006 Telugu romantic action movie “Ashok,” directed by Surender Reddy, Sameera Reddy starred alongside Junior NTR. Since then, rumours regarding their connection have been swirling. It’s well known that Jr. NTR keeps his distance from his leading ladies. However, after the actress began to move in close proximity to him while they were filming, rumours of a relationship between the two started to circulate.
When asked about her relationship several years after the film’s premiere, Sameera said,
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“The truth is that I’m a really kind and truthful girl. I won’t attempt to conceal anything. The truth is that it was exaggerated since he is a truly great co-star to work with. I learned a lot from him.

Years later, the actress addressed the incident and revealed some shocking details, such as how the rumour pushed her to leave the Telugu film industry. The truth is that I’m a really outgoing and honest young lady. I’m not going to try to conceal anything. The truth is that it was exaggerated since he is a really pleasant co-star to work with.

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He was a great teacher to me. Being a Telugu Reddy girl, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when it came to Telugu cinema. It became such a big thing that there was an excessive amount of talk, and my family became upset.
As much as I’ve been a risk-taker in a number of films, At the end of the day, my father is still an Andhra Reddy, and I have to answer to him. His relatives questioned him a lot elsewhere,” she stated.

When describing Junior NTR, Sameera Reddy continued, “He truly took his time, and I had heard that he is a very aloof guy from many people. He doesn’t converse with anyone. Even after the shot, he won’t speak to you. However, we got along and grew close. But that bond was exaggerated to an absurd degree.”
She further stated that the rumours had her family very concerned and unhappy. Her father had to respond to a lot of his relatives because he was an Andhra Reddy.

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“All the conversation was about us. They weren’t discussing her films, either. What she is capable of wasn’t a topic of conversation. From Sameera Reddy to Sameera NTR, attention shifted, and she continued.

The way it was hurting her family was too much for her, and she eventually decided to leave the industry, as well as this companionship. “When he kept asking, I opted to avoid Telugu cinema because there was too much discussion.” Is he planning on marrying her? or are you obligated to marry him? A lot of things were spoken by fans. Everyone was talking about us. They weren’t discussing my films. They weren’t talking about my capabilities. She shouted, “The spotlight shifted from Sameera Reddy to Sameera NTR.”....CONTINUE READING HERE