(Watch video): Deliverance goes wrong as fake prophet gets napped while performing tricks on supposed demons possessed church member on 31st night

The evil deeds of an unknown Nigerian pastor have been brought to light at the 31st-night watch hour service that took place in his church in Nigeria…..CONTINUE READING HERE

In a fast trending video, the unknown prophet could be seen standing and busily praying for a church member who is said to be possessed by demons.

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The pastor was accompanied by one of his junior pastors who was guiding the steps of the church member.

The demon-possessed member who was under the anointing and could not hold and put himself together eventually fell on the floor shouting and screaming at the top of his voice.

This gingered the prophet to increase his lines and words of prayer.
However, before the congregation could close and open their eyes, the demon-possessed man who was under the anointing of God and could even not stand on his feet had a call from his wife.

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He then asked the prophet to stop the prayers so he could attend to the call he had had.
The prophet who could not do anything at that point in time or even utter a word stood still and raised his head, expressing disappointment in the church member for not sticking to the plans they seemed to have drawn…..CONTINUE READING HERE

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Watch the video below;