BREAKING: I hate the word Restructuring, Tinubu Speak of – Wole Soyinka Reacts to President Tinubu Saying he will Work on Restructuring Nigeria

According to the report from the Punch, Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, expressed his preference for terms like “reconfiguration” and “decentralization” over “restructuring” during the PUNCH Newspapers’ 50th-anniversary lecture. He emphasized the importance of leaders recognizing the necessity of decentralization and urged them to stop deceiving the nation.>>>READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

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Soyinka highlighted the burden of security challenges across Nigeria, advocating for decentralization to address these issues effectively.

He said, “What do you mean by restructuring? Well, I don’t even like the word restructuring. I use, I prefer expressions like reconfiguration and decentralisation. Everybody can grasp that, decentralisation. And those who lead, recognise the necessity of it. They recognise the importance, almost the inevitability of it until they get into power, yes, that’s the difference. It’s about time, I think leaders stopped taking this nation for a ride, you know, we must decentralise. Security, you know, has become a burden to bear. From all corners of the nation, that is the crime>>>READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

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