List Of Countries In The World That Have No Prison, Number 3 Is African Country

You’re probably wondering how a country can function without prisons and where convicts are taken. However, if you take a look at certain countries, you’ll realize how they operate without them. Lets look at this countries:>>>READ FULL  ARTICLE HERE


Norway stands out for its humane approach to criminal justice, prioritizing rehabilitation over punishment. Prisons in Norway resemble small communities, offering vocational training, education, and mental health support. With a maximum sentence of 21 years, extensions are possible for individuals deemed societal threats.

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2. ICeland

Iceland, too, adopts a rehabilitative stance, with a focus on reintegration and community involvement. Emphasizing restorative justice, offenders are encouraged to repair harm caused by their actions. Sentences are short, reflecting a commitment to addressing root causes of criminal behavior.

3. Sychelles

Seychelles, as the only African country on the list, maintains a relatively low crime rate through stable politics, tourism focus, and effective law enforcement measures. Its geographic isolation aids border control and reduces external threats, contributing to its security efforts.

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4. Finland

Finland follows suit with a rehabilitative approach, prioritizing education, vocational training, and therapy to reduce reoffending. Open prisons and alternative measures like electronic monitoring are common.

5. Sweden

Sweden’s criminal justice system focuses on normalization, resembling life outside prison to aid reintegration. Education, job training, and rehabilitation programs are provided, with an emphasis on social support to prevent repeat offenses.

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6. New Zealand

Finally, New Zealand emphasizes restorative justice, aiming for healing for both victims and offenders. Community-based solutions and alternatives to imprisonment are explored to address underlying causes of criminal behavior>>>READ FULL  ARTICLE HERE