Commotion in Osun community as newly appointed monarch breaks into seclusion

The newly appointed Aare of Iree, Mr Muritala Oyelakin, on Friday, invaded the Odofin’s compound in Iree and broke the door leading to king’s seclusion shrine to forcefully gain entrance for the traditional rites<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

He invaded the shrine with some suspected hoodlums and unknown local hunters from outside the town, shooting sporadically in the air before they left abruptly without performing any rites.

According to tradition of Iree community, a new king is mandated to stay in the Odofin’s compound for three days for seclusion (Ipebi) before moving to the palace.

It was gathered that the controversial Muritala Oyelakin will be the first Aare who did not undergo the seclusion at the Odofin’s compund.

It was learnt that the new king had shunned the rites when traditional chiefs in-charge of the process refused to turn up, claiming that the same had been performed on Oba Rapheal Ademola Oluponnle, and repeating it for Oyelakin would be sacrilegious and manipulative.

The chiefs, namely Asalu, Odofin and Oluode, insisted that until Oba Oluponnle ages and joins his forefathers, the items being used to perform such traditional rites would not be retrieved and applied on any other person.

Pa Bolanle Ojo, the head of Odofin compound said, “It is practically impossible for us to accept another person into seclusion. Everything necessary traditionally was done and handed over to Oba Oluponnle, and we can’t retrieve it.

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“We have never heard it in history that such rites were performed for two Obas at the same time in Iree and if we should allow it, it is an invitation to doom, which we have always been praying against.

Also, the Asalu of Iree, High Chief Taiwo Mariana said, “I am the head of all deities in Iree. We conducted the necessary rites for Oba Oluponnle and it cannot be done twice; the government should please tread with caution by not using the Obaship matter to create confusion in Iree.

“All the stakeholders should please allow peace to reign. We have done the needful for Oba Oluponnle and we can not invite the wrath of our ancestors by engaging in sacrilegious act meant to serve personal interest of some people.

Also, the Security head in the community, Oluode of Iree, Ayodeji Oguniyi said all the hunters were fully involved in the selection process, installation as well as every aspect of the tradition leading to Obs Oluponnle’s enthronement.

He stressed that it is a taboo for traditional rites chiefs to make the same sacrifice for another king while the occupant of the position is still alive, appealing to the state government to allow peace and tranquility reign in the community.

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However, Oba Oluponnle insisted that he remains the Aree of Iree, as the certificate of his appointment and staff office are still in his custody, saying, no court of competent jurisdiction has spoken otherwise.

“As far as I am concerned, I remain the Aree of Iree because as we speak, the case instituted against my appointment as Aree is still before a state High Court. Hearing had been conducted and we are expecting the judgement.

Significantly, the so-called White Paper released by the Governor Adeleke stated that the Kingmaker who are challenging my emergence should withdraw their suit before starting another process, but between the time that the said paper was released and the time they approved the appointment of another person, the judiciary workers were on strike. They just announced their resumption and they will resume on Monday next week.

“The question now is that when and where was the case withdrawn, meaning that the government has again violated its directive in the white paper. So, the government lacks respect for the court and lack respect for itself by dishonoring the contents of its directives.”

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However, Oba Oluponle appealed to the people of the town to keep calm and allow the law to take its course.

Meanwhile, when the appointed king was out on Friday for the rites, all the traditional centres in the domains of Asalu, Odofin and Oluode, that are associated to the throne, were under lock and key.

Recall that Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun recently ordered the removal of Oba Oluponnle through a government White Paper and ordered that a new process should be commenced, even without recourse to the ongoing litigation on the Obaship appointment.

The contents of the White Paper directed the Kingmakers who are challenging the appointment of Oba Oluponnle to withdraw their case before a new process could commence.

Whereas the suit could not be withdrawn owing to the protracted strike embarked upon by the judiciary workers in the state, yet some pliable kingmakers selected by the state government went ahead with the shoddy selection process which was later ratified by the state executive council led by Governor Adeleke.

Oba Oluponnle was one of the Obas appointed by the administration of the former Governor Gboyega Oyetola, now the Minister for Marine and Blue Economy<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>