JUST IN: Joe Biden ‘is a mad, mentally disabled individual set on dragging humanity to hell’ – Former Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev blasts

On Thursday, March 7, Biden opened his address with a reference to a 1941 speech to Congress by 32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who declared the union faced an unprecedented turning point in history<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>> 

Joe Biden


Biden also accused Republican rival Donald Trump of kowtowing to Russia, just two weeks after calling Vladimir Putin a ‘crazy SOB’, saying he had a message for the Russian President on Ukraine: ‘We will not walk away.’

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His remarks have angered Medvedev, who accused Biden of trying to start World War Three and chastised him for comparing himself to Roosevelt.

‘Even though Roosevelt was an infirm man in a wheelchair, he raised America from the Depression; Biden, on the other hand, is a mad, mentally disabled individual who set his mind on dragging humanity to hell,’ the Putin ally, who is now deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, wrote on X.

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‘Roosevelt together with allies including the USSR, was fighting for peace; yet, Biden is actively and persistently trying to start WWIII.

‘Roosevelt was fighting against fascists, but Biden is fighting for them. He is the United States’ disgrace!’ Medvedev concluded. 

Joe Biden

Medvedev was Russia’s president from 2008-2012<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>