Meet Pàstor James Whose Legs Are Not Supposed To Touch The Ground When He’s Preaching (Photos)

Pastors are influential spiritual figures in the religious world. They are in charge of assisting and encouraging their congregations as they travel different paths of spirituality<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

Typically, they have preachers who have been ordained who have successfully finished seminary school, and who have been recognized by their denomination. As the traditional church’s leaders, they are in charge of leading services, presenting sermons, and offering members of their congregation advice and counseling.

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Outside of the church, pastors have a significant impact on their communities, frequently acting as leaders and advocates for social and political causes. Additionally, they might offer assistance and support to people in need, like the sick, the old, and addicts. Many pastors also have administrative obligations, such as managing the church’s facilities, staff, and finances in addition to their roles within the church. They frequently serve as the public face of their church, thus they need to have strong interpersonal and leadership abilities.

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However,  well-known Pastor John  has caused conflicting reactions from Internet users, as he was caught on camera, standing on top of his church members while preaching. Below is the image.

This has left people talking and wondering if he’s truly sent by God to deliver his children.<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

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