WWE: superstar Dominik Mysterio gets booed at his own wedding as he marries childhood sweetheart

Mysterio, real name Dominik Gutierrez, announced his engagement to long-time girlfriend Marie Juliette in January 2023, 12 years after they first met at high school<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

And on Thursday, the former two-time NXT North American champion said “I do” as groomsmen Damian Priest and Austin Theory, who are also wrestlers, watched on.

In fact, reports suggest Women’s World Champion and on-screen partner Rhea Ripley was also present alongside Finn Balor and WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio.

Footage from Dominik’s wedding has since emerged online, with one video showing the 26-year-old getting ready to give a speech before being interrupted by a chorus of boos.

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The Judgement Day member is regularly greeted by loud boos from the WWE universe. And it’s safe to say he embraces being one of the most hated heels in the business.

After being asked whether the boos affect him, he told the In The Kliq podcast: “Believe it or not, it doesn’t really get to me you know because I don’t care about their opinion.

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“They can boo me all they want but I’m the man and I understand that and I have Rhea telling me, I have Finn and Damian backing me up. It doesn’t really affect me.”

Rhea Ripley was a guest at Dom’s Wedding She’s in the stunning red dress next to Rey & Angie… camera up for her boy 😭😭😭

Some have previously suggested that WWE are using ‘piped in’ crowd noises to enhance the booing, but Mysterio played down those rumours.

“They like it when I do that, when I go out and try to cut a promo, especially if they need to cut time out of something or they need to save time, I can go out there with a mic for two to three minutes, pretend to cut a promo,” he told K100 with Konnan.

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“I’m still blessed to get booed. I can’t tell you, every city I go out to, it gets louder and louder.”

When asked if the boos are ‘piped in’, he replied, “No, it’s not piped<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>