THROWBACK!!! “Women Learn From My Mistake”: Nigerian Lady Blames Herself, Praises Husband After Seeing Her Replacement (Video)

A Nigerian lady reprimanded herself intensely after secretly visiting the lady her husband had been chatting with, whom she tagged ‘her replacement<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

She said she went through the conversation between the woman and her husband and decided to visit the woman at her workplace.

The lady said she was shocked by what she saw. Praising her replacement, she said the woman was beautiful to behold, dressed elegantly, and curvaceous.

She added that the woman also spoke sound English. On getting home, the lady said she resolved not to fight her husband over it and instead put the blame on herself.
Judging herself

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Before her TikTok viewers, the lady said she had not plaited her hair since January and was always on wrapper in the house and thought her husband was okay with it since he never complained.

She vowed to turn a new leaf and advised women to learn from her mistakes.
Watch the video below: Beauty


“Put ur wig on too and come out, other men will also be dying for you too. Let married men and women learn to be contented with their partners.”

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“We don’t need to see our wives sleeping with tights way una dey wear 7 times before washing them.”


“The truth is that any man that can’t provide & tell his wife to step up her game is actually not man enough & when he steps out, he becomes a he goat.”
Gentle spirit


“Many people particularly the ladies didn’t get the message this beautiful lady is passing across. Look beautiful for your husband always.”
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“Once they marry your replacement you see her looking worse than you think you look at home. Not saying you shouldn’t take care of yourself tho but…”

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