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3 Common Reasons Why Men Love To Cheat

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1. Men repress their sexual feelings towards their partners

Shame has an important role in men’s sexual desires. Many men who have cheated feel deeply ashamed about their sexual impulses, whether homosexual or heterosexual.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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They are deeply committed to their relationships but fear rejection for their desires; perhaps they feel it’s too wild or kinky. Because of their fear of shame, many men maintain a safe, secure, and loving relationship at home while also engaging in an exciting, freeing sexual connection elsewhere.

Openly negotiating sexual needs benefits everyone involved and won’t allow the man to deceive or break his woman’s trust.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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2. Men sometimes have an intimacy disorder

Men cheating can be due to deep psychological issues like intimacy disorders, which might make them feel satisfied by being in multiple sexual relationships with women.

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They may not know how to ask for intimacy, or if they do, they may fail to build a true bond. This causes them to seek a cheap substitute to satisfy their needs and desires for intimacy, as they may be unsure how to ask for it in a way that resonates with the woman.

3. Men cheat when they are made to feel inadequate

Men frequently cheat because they feel inadequate, either financially or physically. Perhaps their partners make them feel like they lack certain things. They desire someone who prioritises them, filling the vacuum left by their partner.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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