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5 Drugs That Can Harm Your Liver When Taken Excessively

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Everything about the process of food or drugs is filtered by your liver. Liver plays a lot of roles when it comes to the human body, but there are some complicated things we face when it comes to taking drugs in excess. It can harm our livers or cause some side effect to the body.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE
1. Statins

These drugs are used in a positive way of keeping blood cholesterol levels, but it should be monitored because if taken too much, it can cause more problems than good or affect your liver in a negative way.

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2. Anti Inflammatory

A common use of drugs for muscular inflammation or other pains in the body. It works in a positive way, but if taken in excess, it can cause more harm in the body and might likely destroy your liver.
3. Paracetamol

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The drug is commonly used in Nigeria. Some people abuse these drugs thinking it doesn’t have side effect but is very dangerous if taken in excess. And it is one of the most common causes of liver injury. Many people today suffer from liver disease or problems with out knowing what the cause is. Say no to self-medication, always consult your doctor before taking any drugs.
4. Antibiotics

It can cause great damage to the liver if taken in excess. Some people take it for 5 to 10 days, depending on the sickness they are suffering from. It might also have some negative repercussions at times on the liver.
5. Vitamin A

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Most of the people abuse these drugs mostly in Africa because it tends to be sweet. Many children and adults abuse these drugs a lot without knowing the side effect.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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