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5 Reasons Why You Should Stop or Avoid Eating Pork Meat

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1. eating pork is totally unsavoury.

Pigs are known to eat their own and other animals’ faeces and have been demonised for this. Dung serves no purpose other than to be excreted by the animal. Excrement is inedible, so other animals cannot eat it. Not to mention the amount of pollutants in faeces.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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Pigs eat live and dead animals, as well as carcasses. Animals that touch or eat the carcasses and remains of other animals are a danger to human health because of the presence of insects, parasites, micro-organisms and disease-carrying bacteria in the carcasses.

Some may try to refute the claim that pork is actually cooked, but the following arguments in this list show that there is no basis for this.

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2. the pig’s digestive system is too simple.

Because pigs eat so many different things, it is often assumed that they have a complex digestive system that removes the various poisons and contaminants in their food, but this is not the case. The answer is NO!

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Digestion takes about 24 hours for cows and 4 hours for pigs to complete. This means that a variety of harmful toxins remain in the fatty tissue and continue to damage your health. Some of these toxins can withstand very high temperatures and are not easily broken down when cooked.

If you eat pork on a daily basis, you are more likely to ingest one of these contaminants. Short-term damage, or more serious illnesses such as multiple sclerosis or hepatitis E, will only progress normally if you consume more than your body can handle.

3. pigs have a relatively small number of functionally distinct sweat glands.

Sweating not only regulates heat, but also contributes to general cleansing by cleaning the body. The lack of sweat glands in pigs makes it very difficult for them to sweat and remove impurities like other animals.

This is why the red meat we humans eat contains even more pollutants. Pigs have no functioning sweat ducts, so they have to roll on the ground to lower their body temperature. This is because pigs do not have the sweat glands needed to regulate their body temperature.

5. pigs transmit parasites.

Pork meat often contains a variety of parasites. Parasites in this group include nodular computer virus, lungworm, kidney worm, stomach worm, flagellate worm and roundworm. These parasites are resistant to exposure to high temperatures and cannot>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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