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5 Sperm-killing Food Combinations Men Should Avoid

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For married men, I recommend the following foods should be avoided because they are sperm-killing:>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE


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Canned foods

Sweets and Soft drinks

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Soyabean products

Processed meats and Organ meats

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The high intake of alcohol has always been harmful to the body. For men, the high intake of alcohol can elevate the estrogen level in their body and this can lower the sperm count.

A lot of chemicals are tied with canned goods. But, there is a chemical called BPA; used to protects canned foods from direct contact with metal surfaces. This chemical increases the estrogen level of the body and reduces the sperm count.

Generally, sugar can cause heart issues. It can also reduce the sperm count of a man and affect his sperm quality.

We all know that soybean products are healthy and tasty foods. But, it can decrease a man’s sperm count by promoting the effect of estrogen in his body.

A lot of preservatives are incorporated in processed meats such hotdogs, bacon, and ham. This can negatively affects the sperm count. Processed meat also contain more hormones than a normal meat. Hence, it can affect the testosterone levels.

Tasty organ meats such as intestines and liver, are rich in cadmium; a mineral that diminishes the sperm count.

I recommend that eating healthy is very essential to boost the sperm count especially natural foods that are rich with vitamins and minerals such as legumes, fish, eggs, green leafy vegetables, etc. I strongly advise the consumption of canned foods should be avoided at all cost.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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