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6 Early Signs That Show You Have a Low Sperm Count

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Most people agree that a man’s sperm, or reproductive cells, are one of his most precious bodily assets. Despite their diminutive size, these cells are largely crucial for the continuation of the species.>>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

It only takes one of these cells to fertilize an egg and initiate the process of generating a new life, but men produce millions of them every day.

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According to a publication by Mayo Clinic, decreased sperm count is the leading cause of male infertility, impacting millions of men worldwide. For men, this is the most common reason they can’t have children. A low sperm count makes it more difficult to have a child with a woman. This is why prompt diagnosis is so important; only then can the right treatment be given. In this article, I want to briefly discuss some of the early symptoms that shows you have a low sperm count according to Healthline & Mayoclinic.

1. Having problems discharging, or only discharging little amounts of fluid, and also experiencing erectile dysfunction.

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2 Symptoms include everything from pain to swelling to a lump in the genital area.

3 Recurrent respiratory infections

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4 Inability to recognize scents

5. Breasts that have grown abnormally large (gynecomastia)

6. A chromosomal or hormonal problem, including hair loss on the face or body parts like the head.

Do not delay in seeing a doctor if you experience any of these signs and symptoms; prompt diagnosis and treatment can help you avoid more serious complications.>>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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