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6 Ways to Make Your Sperm Stronger, Faster, and more Fertile

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When the sperm is not making it to the finish line, there are several lifestyle changes that can be of help. Namely, according to statistics, around 15 percent of couples find it difficult to conceive and in a third of the cases, the problem is in the sperm, according to the National Institutes of Health>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

This being said, we compiled a list with some of the best ways to boost fertility and increase the chance of pregnancy.

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How to Boost the Sperm
Improve the mobility

The sperm needs to do its thing in 12 to 14 hours, that is, this is how long the egg is viable after it is released. The success is conditioned by the swimming speed of the sperm. To assist them, you should put away your smartphone because a Cleveland Clinic study points out that men who used phones had lower mobility of sperm, probably as a result of the electromagnetic waves from the phone.
Quit smoking

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Smoking cigarettes and marijuana can lead to oxidative stress and damage the sperm. Namely, a study in the journal Human Reproduction indicates that regular marijuana intake can cause changes in the size and shape of the sperm.
Reduce stress

When you are constantly under a lot of stress or if you are lacking sleep, problems with the adrenal glands can arise and the sperm production will be negative affected. With this in mind, it is pivotal to find time to relax, sleep an hour or two more, and have fun with your loved ones.
Eat pomegranates

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A better and healthier alternative to store-bought testosterones are pomegranate seeds because they prevent the testosterone from being turned into estrogen.

Regular workout will increase your testosterone levels and encourage the production of sperm. However, overtraining is known to deplete vitamins and stored hormones. Sometimes, when you spend too much time on a bike or in a spinning class, the testicles can become excessively pressurized. Consider taking a break if this is the case.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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