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7 Careless Habits That Could Cause Your Breasts To Fall As A Woman And Why

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In most cases, sagging breasts are inevitable. As you age, your breasts lose their elasticity and their amount of collagen, which is the reason why they sag.>>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

But, while everyone’s breasts sag as you get older, that doesn’t mean you can’t prevent them from sagging prematurely. There might even be some habits you’re doing every day that are contributing to your breasts drooping.

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Below are 7 habits that cause breasts to lower that you may not have known about.

1. Crash dieting
The breast tissue has a lot of fat content, and the contour of the breast changes when there is a rapid drop in weight. The excess skin sags and the perkiness of your breast is lost.

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2. Smoking
Smoking accelerates the aging process. It breaks down elastin and collagen, proteins that give your skin its structure. Over time, this will lead to your breasts sagging.

3. High-Impact workouts or no exercise at all
Significant bouncing and repetitive back-and-forth motions can actually lead to a faster breakdown of breast collagen. Lack of upper body exercise means less chest muscles, which means less support for your breasts which leads to saggy breasts.

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4. Poor posture
Slouching can impact your breasts over time because of the unnatural positions they’re put in. Bad posture can cause gravity to loosen up the muscles and ligaments in your breasts over time.

5. Skipping sunscreen
Breast skin is sensitive, and it should be protected from the sun to the same degree as the skin on the face or neck any time it might be exposed. Sun damage can cause premature aging, destroy collagen and lead to unwanted sagging.

6. Wearing an unsupportive bra
When your breasts aren’t supported properly, they will bounce around, which will result in stressed breast skin as well as decreased collagen. Not wearing a supportive bra is a common reason you may be dealing with sagging breasts.

7. The way you sleep
Sleeping on your stomach will cause your breasts to get pushed against your mattress for extended periods of time. Additionally, sleeping on your side can actually cause the ligaments in your breasts to stretch, which will also result in them sagging.>>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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