BREAKING: Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor warned him about the ‘price’ he had to pay to be President - Reportgist

BREAKING: Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor warned him about the ‘price’ he had to pay to be President

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Donald Trump has been increasingly pushing a Christian agenda in his election campaign, but his faith advisor once issued him this warning.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Donald Trump’s campaign is getting more supporters as many evangelicals and other conservative Christians believe that Trump shares their Christian faith and values. Some religious leaders initially hesitated to get behind multi-divorcee Trump during his initial presidential run in 2016, but he has come a long way in securing a place in their hearts.

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This comes as it was revealed Trump shares a cordial relationship with his ex-wife Marla Maples – who still supports him in every way

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. Most of these devout Christians support Trump as he passed many pro-religion laws during his four years as president.

In light of this, Paula White, Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor,

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recently shared an intense moment from their long-standing relationship. White has known the former president for 22 years after he saw her on TV and brought her to Atlantic City for private Bible studies. According toMailOnline, she is one of the several faith advisors to Trump and eventually became an advisor for the Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiative during his term.

In June 2024, White revealed that when Trump first came to her contemplating his presidential run in 2011, she gave him a grave warning. Recalling the moment, White said the 78-year-old expressed how he was dissatisfied with the direction the country was going in and wanted to do something about it. He asked her about her thoughts and God’s thoughts on him doing a presidential run. White recounted:

White said she prayed with friends on it and later told him, that while he would achieve his goal, it wouldn’t come without a sacrifice. She said:

White did not reveal exactly what kind of ‘price’ the former President would have to pay.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

When Trump came to her in 2014 and revealed he was going to run for president in 2016 and White would be his faith director, she said of that moment:

White went on to add that religious freedom was under attack ‘as never before’ during Joe Biden’s presidency

, but that won’t happen if Trump is re-elected in November. In February 2024, during the National Religious Broadcasters International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, Trump pledged to defend Christian values against what he perceives as threats from the ‘radical left.’

Trump claimed that the left aims to ‘tear down crosses’

and replace them with social justice symbols, drawing parallels to historical attempts by communist regimes to suppress Christianity, He said:

Assuring the audience that, under his administration, the cross of Christ would remain protected he added:

His comments reflected his faith in Christian nationalism – a belief that is strongly present in conservative evangelicals who say the founders of the US intended it to be a Christian nation

. Some adherents also believe that the US Constitution was inspired by God and that the federal government should declare the US as a Christian nation. Trump added:>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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