BREAKING: US Officials Uncover Alleged Russian ‘bot Farm’ - Reportgist

BREAKING: US Officials Uncover Alleged Russian ‘bot Farm’

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Nina Jankowicz, head of the American Sunlight Project, a non-profit organisation attempting to combat the spread of disinformation, said it was not surprising that a Russia-linked operation was relying on AI to create fake accounts.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

“This used to be one of the more time consuming parts of their work; now it has been made much smoother by the technologies that abetted this operation,” she said, noting that the operation appears to have been thwarted before it gained traction.

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“Artificial intelligence is now clearly part of the disinformation arsenal,” Ms Jankowicz said.

The BBC contacted X and the Russian Foreign Ministry for comment.

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A recent BBC investigation uncovered details of a separate attempt to bolster a Russia-based disinformation network, through the use of fake news sites populated by stories rewritten by AI.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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