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BREAKING: Yoruba Party gets 261 votes, fails to secure seat in UK election

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The Yoruba Party in the United Kingdom (YPUK) failed to secure a seat in the general election. YPUK only put forward one candidate for the Peckham constituency. As of the time of reporting, the party has garnered 261 votes.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

The Labour Party has secured 410 seats, with Keir Starmer, its candidate, set to become the next prime minister of the UK.

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In June, YPUK, a party founded by Olusola Oni, said it was fielding candidates in the election to empower the Yoruba voice in British politics.

The party’s campaign promises included climate change action, reduction of taxes, quality national health service, immigration and “assisting Yoruba domiciled in the United Kingdom to achieve full potentials”.

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“Labour doesn’t know what to do. Tory don’t know what to do. We know what to do. Vote for the Yoruba Party,” the party said in a campaign post last month.

“The Yoruba Party provides a political voice for the UK Yoruba community.”

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Other parties that secured zero seats in the election include UK Independence Party, Alliance for Green Socialism, Animal Welfare Party, Aontú, Ashfield Independents, Blue Revolution, Christian Party, Christian Peoples Alliance, Communist League, English Democrats, and Liberal.

Others are Libertarian Party, Lincolnshire Independents, Monster Raving Loony Party, National Health Action Party, People Before Profit, Psychedelic Future Party, Rebooting Democracy, Scottish Family Party, Social Democratic Party, Socialist Equality, Socialist Labour Party, Socialist Party of Great Britain, The Common Good, The Common People, and The North East Party.

Others are The Peace Party, The Yorkshire Party, Women’s Equality Party, Workers’ Revolutionary Party, Alba, Workers Party of Britain, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, True & Fair, Climate, Communist Party of Britain, Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party, New Open Non-Political Organised Leadership, Consensus, Alliance for Democracy and Freedom, Rejoin EU, British Democratic Party, Heritage Party, Scottish Libertarian Party, Independence for Scotland, Freedom Alliance, Independent Network, Liverpool Community Independents, Transform, One Leicester, Volt, Kingston Independent Residents Group, Independents for Direct Democracy, Stockport Fights Austerity No to Cuts, Confelicity, and English Constitution Party.

Rishi Sunak, outgoing prime minister, said he takes responsibility for the loss of the Conservative Party.

“Britain has delivered a sobering verdict. On this difficult night, I’d like to express my gratitude to the people of Richmond and Northallerton constituency for your continued support,” Sunak said.

“The Labour Party has won this general election and I’ve called Sir Keir Starmer to congratulate him on his victory.

“Today, power will change hands in a peaceful and orderly manner, with goodwill on all sides. That is something that should give us all confidence in our country’s stability and future.

“There is much to learn… and I take responsibility for the loss.

“To the many good, hard-working Conservative candidates who lost tonight, despite their tireless efforts, their local records and delivery, and their dedication to their communities, I am sorry.”>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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