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Check Out: Was Oduduwa Benin Or Yoruba?

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This post is a very controversial one. I’ve been anxious about posting it because I know a lot of people would be unhappy about it. However, I believe we need to have these conversations about our history to try and know is the truth and what isn’t.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

While on my recent trip to Benin to explore Benin culture, on the top of my list was learning about the history of the Kingship. Benin is well-known to have an ancient empire and a very rich history. For decades, Yoruba and Benin people have debated whether, a Benin prince became the Ooni of Ife or if a Yoruba prince was given to the Benins to become their king.

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While in Benin, I visited the National museum and asked for a special tour of some of the historical sites relating to the kingship. Unfortunately we were not able to asses most of these sites because they were not open to tourists. However, the interesting stories I was told in the car while going to these places, more than made up for it.

We started talking about the two major dynasties, the Benin kingdom has had, the Ogiso era and the oba era, that we still have today. According to Benin history, the last Ogiso to rule Igodomigodo (the former name of Benin) is alleged to be Oduduwa’s father, who was called Owodo. Owodo inherited the throne from his elder brother and after his brother translated, he decided to also inherit his wives. The oldest of his brother’s wives was not happy about this and decided to cause problems for Owodo. From then on, he could not have any more children. However with his first wife, he already had a son called Ekaladerhan.

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According to the story, his brother’s first wife which had now become his senior wife knowing she was the cause of the problems, framed his only child and heir, Ekaladerhan. She told Owodo, the Ogiso (king) that the diviner she visited said that his only son, Ekaladerhan had to be sacrificed for the problems in Benin to end. The king believed her and ordered some of his guards to take IEkaladerhan to the forest to be killed. So you may ask why do the Benins believe that this child became Oduduwa? You can hear more in the videos at the bottom of this post.

Now, I don’t claim to know what is true and what is not. However, what I believe after hearing both the Yoruba and Benin versions of this story is that Oduduwa could not have been the first man in Yoruba land, let alone the world. In Yoruba land, we believe that Oduduwa was the first of the Orishas. However, the first man to live could not have come to earth in the 12th century. It simply makes no sense. Whether or not, Oduduwa was really Ekaladerhan, I believe that is something that will always be contested. Even if he wasn’t the first man in Yoruba land, that does not still prove that he was really Ekaladerhan, a prince of Benin>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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