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Dangerous 5 Animals That Can Eat King Cobra

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King cobras are big, dangerous snakes, but some animals can eat them. Here are five animals that can eat a king cobra:>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

1. Mongooses.

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Mongooses are small animals that can move very fast. They are good at fighting snakes because they are quick and have thick fur that helps protect them from bites. They are also partly immune to snake venom, so they can kill and eat king cobras.

2. King Cobras.

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Sometimes, big king cobras eat smaller king cobras. This is called cannibalism. They do this to survive when there is not enough food around.

3. Eagles.

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Some big birds, like eagles, hunt and eat king cobras. Eagles have sharp eyesight and can spot snakes from far away. They fly down quickly, grab the snake with their strong claws, and carry it away to eat it.

4. Crocodiles.

Large crocodiles can eat king cobras if the snakes come too close to water. Crocodiles have very strong jaws and thick skin, so snake bites do not hurt them much. They can catch and eat king cobras easily.

5. Humans.

People are not natural predators, but they can kill and eat king cobras. Some people hunt king cobras for their skin, which is used to make goods, or for their meat, which is eaten in some cultures. This is one reason why king cobra numbers are going down in some places>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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