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Dear Lucky Ladies; 5 Questions Good Husbands Ask Their Wives Every Day

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They know what questions to ask at work, or with their buddies, or even with their parents — but not with their partners. Despite true and honest love, they are sometimes confused by them.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Making your wife happy is all about asking the right questions. And there are a few you can start with.

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Here are 5 questions good husbands ask their wives every day.

1. Do you want to go on a date?

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You have been with your person for a while. Wouldn’t it feel silly to ask them out on a date at this point? Absolutely not.

One of the things that I hear from most of my female clients is that they miss the courtship period of their relationship. You know what I mean — in the beginning, when you wined and dined your wife, brought her flowers, and made plans.

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Many men are happy when the relationship goes out of the courtship phase into the happily settled down phase. They feel like the pressure is off and they can just live their lives with their person. There is nothing wrong with that, but that isn’t necessarily what their girlfriends or wives want.

So, invite your woman out on a date. Perhaps a dinner out? A picnic on the beach? A movie and a slice of pizza? Something out of the norm of what you usually do.

Don’t take her to your usual casual dining spot — take her somewhere she hasn’t been before. Maybe you can recreate your very first date or a special place you used to go to when your love began to bloom.

It is important that you make a plan, rather than relying on your girlfriend or wife to do so. And be sure that the plan is something you know they will enjoy. No baseball games, unless that is something that they actively enjoy doing.

2. How was your day?

We are all exhausted when we get home from work. We all work too hard, and if you add kids, dogs, friends and family members into the mix, life can feel overwhelming. That said, checking in with your partner to see how their day was is a key part of staying connected with your girlfriend or wife.

It seems like a small thing, and sometimes it may be redundant because their day might not have been much different from yesterday. But when you ask someone how their day went, even if you know the answer, you are making them feel like you are interested in their lives and that makes them feel important.

After you ask them about their day, it is essential that you listen for the answer, and maybe even ask questions and engage in conversation. If they had an issue at work, ask them (if they are comfortable) to elaborate.

Ask your girlfriend or wife how their day went to make them feel important.

3. How are you feeling?

Women process emotions 24/7 and they have for most of their lives. They are, in many ways, fluent in the art of talking about their emotions. In general, this is not so much the case for men.

As a result, many men are scared to ask how their partner is feeling because they are nervous about what the answer will be and are not sure if they can be helpful if they need to be.

But if you ask your wife or girlfriend how they are feeling and just listen to their answer, you will be scoring points. Almost as much as they like processing their feelings, women like to know that they are being heard — but that no one is trying to fix them.

Just know that if you ask your partner how they are feeling, you won’t need to be worried about having to answer correctly or fix anything. Because all she really wants is a listening ear, not a bonafide solution.

Truly, all you need to do is listen and your girlfriend or wife will feel loved.

4. What do you need me to do?

In my experience, many men don’t ask what their women need from them. As a result, they tend to forge ahead doing something for them that they might not want or might not be a priority for their partner.

When you do something for your partner that they don’t want you to do, it might be a disaster. To remedy this, ask her what she really needs from you.

You can ask what your wife or girlfriend needs regarding any topic. If it’s the weekend, you could ask what chores you could do. If she seems down, ask her what she needs to help her feel better. If she wants to go away for the weekend, ask her how you can help her do that.

And if you see her really struggling, don’t try to fix her. Ask her what she needs from you in the moment. It could be nothing, or it could be something that you never thought of. Never forget to ask, though; that’s the most important part.

She will be glad you did and really appreciate the effort you are putting in to make her feel appreciated and adored.

5. Do you know how much I love you — and can I rub your feet?

You are probably thinking that this one is a pretty big one, but you don’t necessarily have to do them together.

The reason I have included these on the list is because of the importance of physical touch and words of affirmation for women. And these are both things that men can struggle with providing — not because they can’t, but because it might not always come naturally to them.

You might be thinking that your wife or girlfriend knows you love her. So, why should you have to ask her that? While your wife or girlfriend might, in fact, know, there isn’t a woman in the world who doesn’t want to hear, over and over, that her man loves her.

Being reminded that she is really and truly loved makes a woman feel loved and protected.

As to the rubbing of feet, it’s all about physical touch.

For men, physical touch is often about sex, so the rubbing of feet might seem odd. For women, sex is very much a good thing, but most women need some kind of non-sexual physical connection to feel close enough to their partner, to get them in the mood.

Many men don’t realize this because for them it is different; having sex makes them feel closer to their person. So, giving your wife or girlfriend a foot rub or a massage will not only make her feel loved and protected but might also just be a gateway to sexual intimacy.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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