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Enjoy The Power In Your Tongue: 2 Simple Words The Most Powerful People Say To Themselves Daily

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The question posed in the title of this article asks what the most powerful people are silently saying to themselves. It’s a good question. What does the self-talk of powerful people sound like?>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

As we consider this question it becomes clearer that the way we speak to ourselves is important.
Our thoughts create our words.

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Our internal chatter reflects our self-identity and the words chosen by powerful people? “I choose”.

Think about what you are doing right now. Do you realize that you are doing it because you made a choice to do it? You might quietly be taking accountability by telling yourself “I choose to be doing X right now.”

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Alternatively, perhaps you are telling yourself there are other things you’d rather be doing right now. You might even be attempting to blame someone else for the fact that you are doing what you are currently doing. If that’s the case, would it be useful to consider how that kind of thinking serves you? Are those empowering thoughts?

Most powerful people see themselves as making conscious choices about how they spend their time.

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They are conscious about prioritizing their time. By saying the two simple but powerful words, “I choose”, they are acknowledging to themselves the ongoing choice, moment to moment, that they continuously make about how to spend the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year that they have available. They have the same the same 24 hours each day and 7 days each week that billions of others across the globe have to use.

Most of those people, however, are not consciously prioritizing how they spend their time. What might change in your life if you were to always acknowledge what most powerful people admit to themselves (“I choose” to be doing X) on a daily basis?

Whatever you are doing right now, it happened because you made a choice.

Out of all the seemingly limitless number of things you could be doing in this moment, you chose to spend this part of your 1440 minutes available this day, or this part of your 525,600 minutes available this year, to do exactly what you are doing this second.

Every second, there are many things that you could be doing, but this is what you are doing instead. You could say to yourself “I choose to read this article. I could be doing something else. Yet, I choose this.”

The benefits of noticing our inner-messaging in the moment we are experiencing it

As we acknowledge that we have the power to control our time and “choose” our activity, we take responsibility for our actions. We become accountable. In a way, we are “taking stock”.

Included with the inner dialogue “I choose”, there likely exists an awareness of a myriad of other things that “I” could be doing at this particular moment in time. Yet here “I” am, choosing “this”, whatever “this” is. That awareness is the background script for your inner dialogue.

There’s often a sense of freedom in choice. There’s personal power in choosing how to spend your precious and valuable time.

It solidifies a sense of acting on desire. Fulfilling desire gives rise to the autonomy and creative force of being human. Out of the contrast of possibilities that are offered, at any moment in time, we are constantly distinguishing between what we want, what is offered, and what we don’t want. This behavior helps us to align with and pursue our sense of purpose. It strengthens our intuitive ability and inner wisdom to connect us with our highest selves.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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