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Foods That Shouldn’t Be Eaten With Banana

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While bananas are a nutritious and versatile fruit, certain foods may not pair well with them for various reasons.>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Dairy Products: Bananas and milk or yogurt can create a heavy mixture in the stomach, which may cause indigestion for some people. This combination is believed by some to disrupt digestion due to differences in the digestion time of fruits and dairy.

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Citrus Fruits: Combining bananas with citrus fruits like oranges or grapefruits may lead to acid reflux or indigestion for some individuals. The acidity in citrus fruits may not complement the starchy nature of bananas.

Avocado: Both bananas and avocados are nutrient-dense foods, but some people find that the combination results in a heavy feeling in the stomach. This is a matter of personal tolerance, so it may not affect everyone the same way.

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Melons: Some people prefer not to mix bananas with melons like watermelon or cantaloupe due to differences in digestion times and sugar content.

However, this varies among individuals.

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Tomatoes: While not a common combination, the acidity of tomatoes may not sit well with some people when consumed along with bananas. This is particularly relevant in dishes that pair bananas with tomato-based sauces.

Bread and Butter: Combining bananas with bread and butter may not be the best choice for some people, as it can lead to a heavy and bloated feeling. Opting for a lighter spread or enjoying bananas on their own might be a better option.

Lentils and Legumes: Some people may find it challenging to digest a combination of bananas with lentils or legumes. This could be due to differences in digestion times and the potential for gas production.>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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