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Golden 11 important things married women want single women to know before marriage

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The world of the married and the unmarried are not the same.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

There are certain phases in life only marriage can expose you to and that’s why when it comes to marriage no amount of advice is too much. Here are 11 things married women will like single women to know:

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  1. Don’t quit your job: Maintaining your career can provide financial independence and personal fulfillment. It can also contribute to a more balanced power dynamic in your relationship.
  2. Have your property: Owning property independently ensures you have security and assets in your name, which can provide stability regardless of the relationship’s future. In case of a divorce or the death of your spouse, you won’t become miserable.
  3. His friends and family are not your friends and family: It’s wise to maintain a level of discretion with your spouse’s friends and family. Relationships with them can be complex, and boundaries are essential.
  4. Don’t give up on your dreams for his: Both partners must support each other’s aspirations and dreams. Sacrificing your goals can lead to resentment and dissatisfaction.
  5. Have a life of your own: Cultivate interests, friendships, and activities outside of your marriage. This contributes to your own well-being and brings fresh energy into the relationship. Also, it helps your self-esteem and confidence, you don’t have to depend on any man for these things.
  6. Don’t marry a man who only listens to his mother: If a partner consistently prioritizes parental guidance over mutual decision-making, it could lead to ongoing conflicts and feelings of exclusion or disrespect.
  7. Don’t tell your parents things that go on in your marriage: Keeping the details of your marital issues within the marriage can prevent external biases and pressures. It helps maintain privacy and respect between partners.
  8. Don’t get too comfortable: Continuously seek personal growth and self-improvement. This keeps you engaged and evolving both individually and within your marriage.
  9. Don’t stay in his family house: Living in your spouse’s family home can sometimes blur boundaries and limit privacy. This arrangement might put you under constant scrutiny and increase family interference in your marriage, which can strain both your personal space and your relationship with your spouse.
  10. Don’t pay for things he can pay for: Be it bills and any other thing, if he can afford it don’t do it for him else you’ll find yourself doing more than you are supposed to. taking up responsibilities that aren’t yours will make him get comfortable enough to leave the burdens on you.
  11. If his family doesn’t accept you don’t marry him: Marriage is not between just two individuals, it’s a merger between two families, if the family doesn’t like you or accept you don’t venture into it. It will only get worse from there not better.

These pieces of advice suggest that maintaining your sense of self, securing your financial independence, and fostering open, respectful communication within and outside the marriage are crucial.

They encourage living a balanced life where personal fulfillment and growth are as important as nurturing the marital relationship. These guidelines can help create a strong foundation for any long-term relationship.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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