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Guys, Does your crush like you back? 5 phrases that mean they’re not feeling you

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So, most times, it’s up to you to decode their intentions from their actions and inactions. Here are five phrases someone who isn’t interested in dating you says:>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

1. “I’m busy”

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No matter how hectic their job is, no one is too busy for someone they truly like. In other words, people make them for what’s and who’s important to them. If they are inconsistent with their communication and noncommittal under the guise of being too busy, then they are simply not that into you, and you are not a priority to them.

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2. “I’m not ready for a relationship”

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Often, people are reluctant to be in a relationship with people they like only on a surface or physical level. When people see those who fit their specifications, they jump at the opportunity to date them and don’t drag their feet. When you hear I’m not ready to be in a relationship, don’t try to convince them; just gently bow out. You diminish your self-worth in their eyes when you stay.

3. “Let’s see how things go”

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When people say this instead of fully committing, it doesn’t mean they are totally uninterested in you – though it’s not a good omen. It means they haven’t made their minds up, they are half in and half out. How can you solve this? Well, give them a time limit to give you a definite answer, and tell them you will be fine with whatever answer they give. If they still can’t make up their minds, leave them alone.

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4. “Let’s just be friends”

The just is important, as it means that they just want friendship. It’s different from “let’s be friends first,” indicating they need more time to get to know you. Hopefully, you already have enough friends as they are, and you don’t need any more. Also, that excuse doesn’t cut it, since friendship is an important part of romantic relationships. They simply don’t feel the same way about you. Walk away till your romantic feelings subside.

5. “I can’t date someone who does or is…”

A person who is interested in you loves who you are and what you do. If you are a doctor and you meet someone who says, “I can’t date a doctor” it might mean they enjoy your company but don’t see a future with you. Another popular genre is religion. If you meet someone who says they can’t date or marry a Christian or a pastor, depending on the strength of your beliefs, it is a fundamental incompatibility. In most cases, they are telling you subtly that they are not interested.

Finally, if they are not moving the friendship to the next step or making any plans to hang out with you besides physical intimacy, then they are mostly whiling away time with you.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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