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Hardship? 5 Nigeria Cheap Soups You Can Cook With Just N1000

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With the hardship biting daily on the populace, people are resorting to various ingenious methods to survive the tide>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

From cutting down on daily expenses, to going for food that fits within a budget, and avoiding wastage; these are some of the coping mechanisms of a lot of people.

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In this article, we spotlight some cheap soups that can be cooked with N1,000:

Okra soup (aka ila alasepo)

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Okra soup is simply a stewed okra soup recipe. It is a very popular delicacy among the Yoruba ethnic group of western Nigeria. It is also known as Ila Alasepo by the Yorubas. This Nigerian Okra soup recipe can be replicated with or without Palm oil. It is also by far the cheapest soup one could prepare in the country.
N200 – Okro
N150 – Grounded Pepper
N200 – Palm Oil
N300 – Ponmo
You will even be left with a change of N200

Egusi Soup

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Egusi is a traditional one-pot soup that combines blended melon seed, pepper, leafy vegetables, and meat. It is nutty, spicy, and tasty.

With N1000 you can prepare an egusi soup. Here is how:

N250 – Half cup of Egusi

N150 – Grounded Pepper

N200 – Palm Oil

N300 – Pumpkin leave (Ugwu)

Ogbono soup
Ogbono Soup is a super tasty, nutrient-dense soup made with Ogbono seeds (African wild mango seeds). It’s a draw soup just like Okro with enough viscosity to have it sticky to a ‘swallow’ for a sumptuous meal experience. It is also not a soup you need to break the bank for as with N1,000 you can have it made:

N250 – Ogbono seeds

N150 – Pepper

N200 – Palm Oil

N300 – Panla (to give it some spice if you want)

Ewedu soup

Ewedu also known as molokhia or jute leaves is another popular Nigerian soup. The soup is commonly served with fufu, garri or amala. Ewedu soup is similar to okra soup because of its viscosity to stick to ‘swallows’.

Its cost of preparation is als among the cheapest you can find:

Ewedu leaves – N300

Locust beans – N150

With this, you are good to go with your salt added.

Waterleaf soup

Water Leaf is a green leafy vegetable (Talinum Triangulare) grown in Nigeria. An excellent immune booster, it is one of those green vegetables that grow all year round but flourishes more in the raining season. Gbure is what the Yoruba people call it, while the Edo people call it Ebedondon.

It also takes its place among the cheapest soups you could make in the country:

Waterleaf – N400
Palm Oil – N200

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