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Hardship: Finally, Nigerians turn to Frog for meat

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There is a booming frog meat market currently going on in the Kaduna, in Northern part of the country where cartons of prepared frogs meats are packaged and sent from Nigeria to neighbouring states and outside the country.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

The booming trade is attributed to increased consumption of frog meat in the country and export to neigbouring African countries, a development many attributed to the worsening economic hardship.

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Located at Unguwar Gwari, Kaduna North area of Kaduna State, the frog market is often besieged by youths bringing frogs they had caught from surroundings ponds and rivers for sale to make easy money and fight unemployment.

The frogs are dried, sold in sorrounding markets and also exported as meat outside the state.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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A young man in the market who identified himself simply as Adamu, said said that with the rising cost of other sources of protein in the country, many people have found frog meat as an alternative source of protein which is readily available and cheap. “Frog actually taste like chicken and it is delicious, in the past there were strong inhibition against eating of frog as meat, but with the economic reality facing many Migerians that inhibition is gone. Many people now eat frog meat, there is no big deal about it. It is cheap and readily available, we even package it and sell outside the state like you can see, the demand is high.

The frogs which are carefully seasoned with salt and pepper are dried in fire and packeged in cartons.

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Many of the Youths in the business said they are making huge profits on daily basis as demand for the frog meat in Nigeria and other neighbouring countries is growing on a daily basis.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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