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Hardship? Watch Photos of little child devouring large bowl of rice causes serious buzz online

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A photo capturing a little child devouring a large bowl of rice has gone viral on the internet, sparking a wave of discussions online.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

The viral photos, posted on Facebook by Nsikakabasi Akpan, has swiftly captured the attention of countless viewers, prompting a flurry of comments on social media.

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In the photos, the toddler is seen seated on the floor in a room, with the large bowl of rice in front of him, fervently devouring it with a spoon in his hand.

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Shockingly, the child managed to finish the entirety of the meal. Following his meal, the little boy was captured lying on the floor, resting his head on a mattress with his belly visibly protruding.

David Osong

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said; “The parents need to be arrested for allowing the child to eat this kind little food.”
Princess Adaeze Nwabenne

said; “The food is too much for him at this age.”
Ogah Elizabeth

said; “This is pure wickedness,, the parents of this child need to be arrested.

“This is child abuse.”
Philo Eze

said; “Abeg this food is too much for this little child, this one no be enjoyment. He will not be comfortable.”
Micheal Igwe

said;“Too much food isn’t good for him ooo.”
Immanuel Immanuel

said;“I could have say something but something in me said i should not say anything Because if I say something definitely something must happen For the reason for something not to happen I remain not saying something.”
Prisca Maloya

said;“How can that amount of food get digested in that toddler? The abspotion is too much.”
Nkechi Maryjane Ayogu

said; “This Is not good for the child health Biko.”

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Ediomo Saturday Essien

said;“Make de belle no burst o.”

Utibe Atiata said; “How does the boy managed to breathe”>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

See more photos below;

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