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Hardship: Why Most Teachers Are Relatively Poor

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As defined by Wikipedia, “poverty is a state or condition in which an individual lacks financial resources and essentials for a certain standard of living.” There are two types of poverty namely; absolute poverty and relative poverty. It is worth noting that anybody who cannot maintain their standard of living for 3 to 6 months without earning a salary for that specified period is still within the poverty bracket.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

it takes a lot of discipline, dedication, determination, prioritization, effective management, self – development, and value for your time to be financially stable. Why then are most teachers poor? In addition to mismanagement and misplaced priorities, there are several reasons of which the ones listed below cannot be overemphasized.

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⚫ Most teachers have low self-esteem

⚫ Needless internal competition

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⚫ Most teachers fear to take risk

⚫ Most teachers lack the skill of enquiry

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⚫ Lack of proper control of their own lives.

Most teachers have low self – esteem. In the midst of other professionals, most teachers are not confident enough to say their profession. Why? Such teachers look down on themselves. It is not surprising teachers have the numbers yet low bargaining power.

Another contributory factor is needless internal competition. Most teachers are unable to reason beyond the ordinary and are stuck with the old ways of doing things. Such teachers are full of themselves, oppose any new strategy, and believe they have to be part to make anything successful. Their behavior and way of life is a clear picture of rising from the fall of others whereas the sky is too big to accommodate all of us. This needless internal competition leads to the blockage of sources that could have created other streams of income for the teacher.

Most teachers fear to take risk. Life itself is a risk because nobody is guaranteed of tomorrow. Most teachers say they will leave the profession after a year or two yet most of those people end up retiring in the same profession. The irony of it is those teachers who usually say they will leave the profession are always waiting for the next month’s salary. They dread to leave their comfort zone to enter the unknown business domain.

Most teachers lack the skill of enquiry. Such teachers do not access information from the right sources. They usually depend on speculations. As a result, they are unable to take the right decision at the right time. It is not surprising those teachers are mostly operating below their rank and corresponding salaries due them.

Lack of proper control of their own lives is one main contributory factor that explains why most teachers are relatively poor. Most teachers care more about what others are either saying or doing rather than focus on their personal lives. They spend much time on matters that do not add value or make any positive impact in their lives. Such people do not have time for themselves and are unable to control their own affairs.

When teachers are able to properly manage their time and resources, and focus greatly on what is rewarding, financial stability will be guaranteed. It is possible.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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