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How ‘My husband left me for his young mistress, but I still want him…

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Her husband left for a younger lover, yet she never stopped loving him.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

He rented another apartment and asked me to give him time to think.

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“Although several months have passed since I caught him red-handed, I still listen to his footsteps in the hall. I hope that he will come to his senses and come back,” Mrs Justyna writes to us in her letter.

We were in a good, harmonious and loving marriage. At least that’s what I thought. We met while still in college, we had a group of friends in common. There wasn’t a spark between us right away. But after one of the parties, Andrzej decided to walk me home. We talked the whole way and I think that’s when we realised that we were made for each other.

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Later there was a beautiful wedding, two children. I was very happy. He probably did too. We actually never talked about it. But he had no reason to complain. We were doing quite well. Andrzej ran his own company, and I also held a fairly good position in one of the corporations. In winter we went skiing in the Alps, and in summer we always basked in the tropics. We were also very proud of the children. They were exemplary students and easily got into their dream studies.

It was then that a void appeared in our relationship. When we lost our children, we started to grow apart. I was afraid to say out loud that it was the only element that held us together. I preferred to lie to myself that everything would be fine and that in a moment we would experience a second youth. There was something to it. Only my husband felt his second youth.

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“I was very naive”

Andrzej was not at home more and more often. He explained that he had to work overtime because he had a huge investment. He promised that he would make it up to me and take me on a trip to Bali, which I had always dreamed of. That’s why I tried not to make a fuss with him and not pick on him. What’s more, I prepared sandwiches for him so that he could somehow survive the overtime and have the strength to work.

Now I know I was very naive. It turned out that these overtime dogs had a name and very long, shapely legs. Andrzej was not original. He started an affair with his secretary, whom he hired at the request of his friend with whom he played tennis. It was his daughter. Karolinka, because that was her name, was not eager to work. However, she quickly calculated that it would be profitable for her to sleep in the bed of her boss and the president of the company.

How did I discover it? I almost caught them red-handed. It was a scene from a cheap romance novel. A worried wife who has not been able to reach her husband for several hours goes to his office. She enters the office without any problems, and there, the husband, flustered, breaks away from his very young lover and tries to somehow explain the situation. I really felt like the heroine of some soap opera. It was a familiar scenario: waiting for him at home was his wife, cook and cleaner in one form. And after hours he had fun with a young lady.

I ran out of there and went straight home. In a frenzy, I threw all his things out of the closet. When he returned, he politely gathered them into two suitcases and left without a word. He knew it wasn’t worth talking to me at that moment. I was furious and ready to claw his eyes out.

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After a few weeks, the emotions subsided. I decided to meet Andrzej on neutral ground. He didn’t look worried. On the contrary, he was wearing a youthful T-shirt and fashionable sneakers. I realised that there was another woman in his life. Andrzej said he didn’t want to go home yet. He rented another apartment and asked me to give him time to think.

I was speechless. I thought he would beg me for forgiveness. And he apparently liked his new life with his young lover. I was devastated. It’s because I haven’t stopped loving him even for a moment. Even though several months have passed since I caught him red-handed, I still listen for his footsteps in the hall. I hope he comes to his senses and comes back. That this bitch will trick him and let him go in his socks, and he will come back to me with his tail between his legs. Of course I will accept it. But will he really come back?>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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