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If You Want People To Respect You, Stop Doing These 10 Things In Public

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We all want respect, but we might not realize that we’re doing certain things that are making it a little tough for others to give it to us.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Are you guilty of any of these 10 behaviors in public? If so, it’s time to break the habit and adopt healthier habits so people won’t look at you and wrinkle their noses, leaving you wondering what’s going on. Remember, with respect, you get what you give!

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One of the rudest things you can do in public, like when you’re on a first date, is be stuck to your phone. Whenever you phone pings, and sometimes even before a notification sounds, you’re flipping through your phone and staring at the screen like it’s a hot date. Yikes. Are you even listening to the person who’s sitting across from you? Remember them?

Do you get weird looks from others when you’re in a public place and laughing a little too loudly at what your friend said? Watch that volume, when it comes to your talking voice, laughter, and other things, such as the music or voice notes you’re playing on your phone. People around you don’t need to hear all about last night’s drama with your bestie at the party. Save it for a private chat instead.

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When finishing a cigarette, do you crush it on the pavement? Or, do you finish eating a bag of chips and leave the empty bag on a bench? Don’t leave your litter around! Why should anyone else have to dispose of it? It’s not right and it’s so disrespectful of people who share the public space and your environment. If there’s no trashcan around, put the litter in a bag and put it in your handbag for throwing out later.

Rocking up an hour late to a date or meeting is so disrespectful. People can’t handle it when others are chronically late or don’t seem to respect their time. It really sends the message that you don’t care about anyone but yourself. Yikes. Try to set your watch 10 minutes ahead to keep you on time wherever you go.

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If you’re always standing a little too close to people during conversation, it can make them feel cornered or like you don’t respect their boundaries. Keep an eye out for those non-verbal clues that someone’s uncomfortable when chatting to you, such as if they’re crossing their arms or leaning away from you.

Showing your partner some love in public, such as by kissing them sloppily and hanging over them, is off-putting to other people who are sharing the public space with you – and trying to eat their dinner in peace. It’s so gross, so try to stick to minimal PDA, such as by holding hands and giving a quick peck on the lips, and save for the more intimate stuff for when you’re behind closed doors.

You just heard bad news and you want to throw your bag on the ground in the park or have a heated phone chat in the middle of a supermarket. Yikes. It’s not always easy to deal with difficult emotions that strike, but try to get away to a private space so you can unleash them. If you’re losing it in public, you’re giving people the impression that you can’t handle your emotions or you’re looking for attention. It’s not their drama, so don’t give them a free show.

Hey, sometimes we all want to whip out our phones and take group selfies during a fun dinner or at a party. But if you’re always snapping pictures of yourself and/or people around you, it can be so irritating to others. People who are getting to know you might also think you’re vain and self-obsessed. Enough with the phones!

You’re enthusiastic and fun, so you might not even realize that you’re talking over friends or strangers you’ve just met at a party. You want to get in the conversation and show them how smart or funny you are. But, if you’re always interrupting them, you’re not giving them that impression – you’re showing them that you’re desperate for attention and rude.

When people confide in you about something they’re dealing with, do you quickly tell them what to do to help themselves? Although you might have good intentions, you’re being irritating and they’re not going to respect your strategy. Ditto for if you tell them what you’ve done in your own situation and dominate the conversation. The golden rule is to only offer advice when it’s asked of you, okay?>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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