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If You Where Born Between 1980 To 2000 This Post Is For You ( Opinion)

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We don’t have time to disguise the spread of the coronavirus that has rendered everyone confined to their homes in the year 2021; doing so would have been silly if you were born between 1978 and 1995 (25-42) and have no employment, no diploma, or no personal business.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Instead of giving up on something you have been working on for a long time, why not hold on to it and start working

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on it now when you are experiencing difficulties? However, you cannot be 42 years old and be considered independent in today’s world if you are studying books in your room.
The following are the tasks you must complete in order to become self-sufficient:

1. Make more business partners for your current friend by filtering and recruiting them.

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2. If you don’t already have one, look for work.

3. Instead of going out to clubs every weekend, stay in and read a book every now and then.

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4. Begin putting aside and investing a portion of your earnings (not in MMM, buy land, stocks, bonds, etc.)

5. Discontinue your relationship with someone with whom you do not see a future.

6. Ladies, stop hoping for a charming prince to come along and save you; you should be aware by now that Z-World and Hollywood have deceived us all along.

7. Begin sending money to your family back home (your parents will be so proud of you).

8. Gentlemen, stop showing courtesy to every invitation to hang out, drink, and flex with ladies, because it will lead you nowhere.

9. Quit stressing about what people should say to you or about your life decisions and just be yourself.

10. Quit squatting and pool your resources to purchase your own apartment with your friends.

I guarantee that if you follow my advice, you will quickly find yourself at the top of the heap>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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