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Is A Luck! 5 qualities of a woman who makes her man’s life sweeter

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Most men desire an understanding woman who gives them peace of mind, but remember if you want peace, you must be peaceful.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

What are the essential character traits an understanding woman must possess?

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Do you know that even rich people can be obsessed with money? There’s a difference between appreciating financial security and being obsessed with money. The latter means letting money dictate your decisions and happines

You have to be with someone who doesn’t worship money, because the love of money means very slack morals not to mention the unwanted financial pressure.

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If she is obsessed with your likes, following and concerned about everything you post on social media, that’s a huge red flag. This is not saying you should start posting fire emojis under every woman’s picture, but you should have some level of freedom.

Have you ever had a woman become angry with you because she dreamt you cheated on her? Trust is the bedrock of every relationship, if she doesn’t trust you, all of your actions will be misinterpreted.

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No one should solely be responsible for cooking and cleaning. These chores should be shared equitably. If you meet someone who doesn’t want to do any housework or cook, they might put a drain in your wallet.

Picture someone who cries and blames others for their actions or expects you to read their mind. You don’t want to be with someone who won’t apologise when they are wrong or puts the blame on you even for their own mistakes. Accountability is maturity.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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