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Is It Cheaper To Buy A Phone Abroad? See You Answer Here…

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For years, Apple has positioned the iPhone as a somewhat aspirational product. When it first launched the iPhone, Apple revolutionized smartphones as we know it and made touchscreen the standard for smartphones everywhere. On the other hand, Apple sells most of its devices at a premium price point, which makes it less affordable to the average person. Given this, it’s unsurprising that people are looking for cheaper iPhone, even resorting to buying them abroad.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Apple has released relatively cheaper options in the past, like the iPhone SE line, which uses components of previous models to reach lower price points. However, those looking to for updated versions of the iPhone SE may have to wait a bit longer, as rumors have oscillated between of its cancellation and revival this year.

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Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t slash prices on its new iPhone models very often in the United States. Instead of discounts, Apple Stores may reduce the prices on the iPhone through product bundles and gift cards. However, this doesn’t mean that Americans get a bad deal, especially because even without discounts they already enjoy some of the lowest iPhone prices in the world. Despite this, there are ways that an iPhone can be cheaper abroad. Here’s how.

In the United States, Apple lists the iPhone for $799, but the actual price will vary depending on if your iPhone is unlocked or with a carrier and your state and local tax. For example, an unlocked 128GB iPhone 15 sold in San Diego, California, will cost an estimated $893.25 when purchased from the official store.

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But in markets where Apple’s grip on the smartphone market isn’t as firm, you’re more likely to see competitive prices. In May 2024, CNN

reported that Chinese consumers enjoyed up to 23% discount on iPhones during a sale on the Alibaba-owned e-commerce platform, Tmall. At the time, consumers could buy a 128GB iPhone 15 for as low as 4,599 yuan (est. $635), which is $149 cheaper than U.S. Apple Store prices for the same model before taxes. Although South China Morning Post

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claims that prices on the official Apple Store did not move for this particular sale, it does offer the iPhone 15 base model for 5,999 yuan (est. $830). However, you’ll need to make sure you buy it tax-free or pay an additional sales tax.

Surprisingly, Japan takes the cake for being the cheapest place to buy the brand new iPhone 15. Direct from the Japan Apple store, the iPhone 15 128GB

clocks in at 124,800 yen (est. $794), which doesn’t even include its special tax incentives for tourists that will slash another 10% off the price for authorized retailers.

Unless you plan to stay in that country for long periods, don’t buy a brand new iPhone as part of a plan from a carrier abroad. In many cases, it will be locked to its service provider

until the contract expires, preventing you from using your local sim back in your home country. If you try to run away, they can still remotely disable your iPhone’s ability to connect to any carrier.

When buying secondhand iPhones abroad, try to stick to reputable sellers or chain retailers with proven reviews from other travelers. Unlike buying from sidewalk vendors, big retailers have some accountability if there’s an issue, are less likely to have stolen, and will likely have better return policies. While you’re at it, you should also consider official Apple refurbished products. If possible, try to get a sense of pricing in the country both from other local retailers or online before committing. After all, your city may have similar deals as well.

And of course, test the iPhone thoroughly, including hardware, software, and carrier access. If your lifestyle is relatively tame and you seldom travel to the covered countries, you may not feel the need to get additional insurance. However, if you break your phone often, you’ll want to factor the cost of insurance when computing if it’s cheaper to buy an iPhone abroad or not.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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