Is Your Son More Than The People We’ve Wasted? -Woman Recounts How The Police Beat Her Son To Death - Reportgist

Is Your Son More Than The People We’ve Wasted? -Woman Recounts How The Police Beat Her Son To Death

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A Nigerian Woman was recently on the “Brekete Family” show and she tearfully narrated how the men of the Nigerian Police beat her son, Rasmus to death.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

“In her Words” “I brought food for Rasmus my son at the police station and asked Amina the police officer to get my son so I could give him the food but Amina told me that Rasmus is sleeping. I told her to wake my son but she refused stating that he’s tired, I asked him which work my son did that he’s tired.

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As I was about to turn and go back home, one mind told me to turn, so I stopped and screamed Wisdom’s name”.

“Wisdom is my son’s cell mate, so when I screamed Wisdom’s name and he responded, I asked him to wake Rasmus for me that I brought food for him, it was then that he told me that my Son was beaten to death last night. So when I heard that, I started crying and when the DPO heard my voice, he came out and asked them to throw me out. His men carried me from the ground and were taking me out, then Alhaji came and shouted at them and asked them to drop me”.

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“I was there crying and rolling on the floor when a police officer came in, he asked me what the problem is and I told him that they killed my son. He told me that my son was alive when he left the office yesterday, so he picked me up from the ground and asked me to go home.

When I came the following day, they didn’t allow me to enter inside the station but my second son, Kingsley said he will not leave until he sees the remains of his brother.

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So they finally allowed him in to meet the DPO. So one of the police man told Kingsley that Rasmus is not more
than the people they have wasted“, The woman said. Brekete Family shared the video on their official instagram page and it stirred massive reactions from the general public.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE.

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