JUST IN: ABUJA: CCTV Footages Confirm Police Seargent Murdered Our Brother In Gwarinpa — Family Insist - Reportgist

JUST IN: ABUJA: CCTV Footages Confirm Police Seargent Murdered Our Brother In Gwarinpa — Family Insist

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The family of late Elue Nduka, a security guard deployed to Soars Plaza, Gwarinpa in Abuja has confirmed the alleged killing of their loved one by one Seargent Ibrahim Muntari.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

THE WHISTLER reported how Elue was allegedly murdered by Muntari whom he had approached for safety after a money-driven disagreement occurred between the deceased and his colleague.

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Elue while at his duty post on June 21, was given an undisclosed amount of money by a customer who was driving out of the plaza. Elue, who was expected to share the money with his colleague kept it to himself.


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The refusal to share, however, led to a scuffle between him and his colleague. The situation had attracted others in the plaza who sided the colleague, and reportedly, joined in the fight.

The deceased was said to have run into an adjoining plaza, Crest Plaza that houses a branch of FCMB where the officer was deployed for cover. Rather than protect him, the family said, the officer had allegedly shot him twice, and had refused from receiving help, and his eventual death.

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The brother of the deceased, Dr Henry Nduka told THE WHISTLER that after watching the CCTV footage from both Soars Plaza and the FCMB branch in Crest Plaza where Elue was murdered, the family can confirm the complicity of the accused sergeant.

The footage, Nduka said was also viewed along with IPO from the Gwarinpa Police Divisional Headquarters, Superintendent Danjuma and a representative of Mopol 44 from the Police Headquarters.

He said, “Both footages showed that Seargent Ibrahim Muntari murdered Elue in cold blood, after he ran to him for safety.

“Both footages proved that Seargent Ibrahim Muntari lied to justify his murderous action, when he told officers at the Gwarinpa Police Divisional Headquarters that Elue confronted him with a weapon in his hand, and that he shot twice into the air to scare Elue away from the bank premises, but that Elue kept coming towards him with a weapon.

“The footages showed that the innocent boy had nothing in his hands, but only asked for Seargent Ibrahim Muntari’s help.

“Rather than protect him by ending the fight between Elue and the miscreants who were chasing him, or even chase him away since he did not want to assist him, he shot him twice in the leg at close range and ensured he bled to death by preventing help from reaching him.

“The footage from FCMB showed that before Elue ran to Seargent Ibrahim Muntari for safety, Seargent Muntari had looked twice to observe the fight between Elue and the other boys at Soars Plaza.

“Seargent Muntari also saw Elue in his Metropol Security uniform and knew that the boy was on duty at the time. So, he actually knew what was going on and who Elue was, prior to Elue running to him for safety.

“He had also seen Elue already bleeding from a head injury inflicted on him by the miscreants who were attacking him and knew he needed to be rescued.

“Seargent Ibrahim Muntari is therefore the only person who can explain his real motive for killing Elue, because the scenario clearly suggests that Seargent Muntari had a preconceived intention to kill Elue and was only waiting for his chance, which he promptly took once the boy ran to him for safety.

“This homicidal action by Seargent Ibrahim Muntari is therefore tantamount to an unprovoked premeditated first degree murder, for which we demand total justice for Elue.”>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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