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JUST IN: Bugiri woman who died in accident returns home after burial

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Residents remain shocked with the two bodies buried at Iduma Kizito’s home at Bukazoto village in Nabukalu subcounty, Bugiri district. The family knew their pregnant daughter had died in accident in Lugazi last weekend. Burial of the two bodies was on Monday June 17, 2024 carried out at a funeral attended by the family, friends, local leaders and community members.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

However, the following day, Tuesday June 18, 2024 the 18-year-old Shamim Kagoya appeared when most of her mourners were still at her parent’s homes.

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It is reported that Kagoya, who was an expectant mother of a 7-month pregnancy, lost her life in an accident at Lugazi in Buikwe district.

Residents say that Kagoya was conveyed to Kawolo hospital in Lugazi, where she allegedly succumbed from injuries.

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According to Geoffrey Kakaire, the chairperson LC3 of Nabukalu subcounty, her family members while contacted for the disturbing news in the hospital, examined and confirmed that the victim was their esteemed daughter, Kagoya, who stays in Entebbe.

Kakaire confirms that the deceased after the postmortem and operation to expell the baby who was also lifeless were handed over to relatives for burial that went successful at Bukazoto village.

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But a strange turn of events engulfed residents when information was got that Kagoya was still alive. She eventually appeared in the early morning of Tuesday, June 18, 2024, when mourners were still grieving the loss of their friend.

“We registered this shocking incident, and we are just in wonders. The girl died, and family members confirmed that she was the one. We were surprised getting information that she was still alive,” said Mr Kakaire.

Kakaire stated that he couldn’t believe that allegations until he spoke to the claimed girl on the video call and was the one.

“After getting the information, Mr Kizito sent some people to Entebbe where the girl was working from, and they found her. The most wonderful thing she came with her pregnancy,” Kakaire added.

Kagoya, who even lost consciousness, arrived at home very healthy, questioned how and where she was reportedly buried.

The local leader said that the villagers are stranded with the puzzling incident they have never experienced.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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