JUST IN: Hard Part Of Being Only Girl Among Brothers – Simi - Reportgist

JUST IN: Hard Part Of Being Only Girl Among Brothers – Simi

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Nigerian singer, Simi is the youngest of her siblings and the only girl. During a new interview on The 90s Baby Show.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Simi opened up about how non-chalant men can be about trying to bond the family unit and used her own experience as an example to buttress the point.

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Speaking about being the only sister among her brothers and having to become the intentional glue for the family, Simi said;

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” I have three elder brothers and I have to work extra hard to make sure all my nephews and nieces get along. I have to be the favorite aunt. Because I refuse to let the stereotype. I am breaking generational curses. You guys are just somehow. I feel like men don’t necessarily go the extra mile to bond the families. They don’t get out of their way. Like, my brothers don’t really do anything to make [the family come together]. I’m the one. If I’m in Lagos, I’m the one that’s making sure that all the kids come together. They all come together in my house. I am the last born of my mother, but I am the one doing all the work. And my brothers are just there. My brother will text me “oh, I heard the kids are at yours, give them my love,” I’m like bro, come! What do you mean?

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There was this time that I told my mom that we should do a group call with my brothers. We already have a group chat, but not everyone is talking. How about we do a group call, maybe once a month or something. There was pushback. I was like what is wrong with you guys? They said “I don’t think we need to talk that much.” I’m like, what is the matter with you? And then we did it once, and we haven’t done it since, and that was maybe four or five months ago”.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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