JUST IN: My wife, slept with a man working on my building site —Husband - Reportgist

JUST IN: My wife, slept with a man working on my building site —Husband

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GRADE A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State recently heard the testimony of a man, Ige, who dragged his wife to court on the accounts of infidelity and irresponsibility.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Ige also said that Sikira was a cheat.

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According to Ige, Sikira lacked the ability to take proper care of him and their children and always carried out her duties towards them in a lackadaisical manner.

He explained that she descended low by sleeping with a man he employed through her to work on his site.

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The plaintiff added that the defendant connived with the man, a plumber to dupe him by adding extra amount to every item he bought when carrying out plumbing work at his site.

He stated that she later moved out of his house and went away with all his property.

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He, therefore, prayed that their wedlock be dissolved.

Sikira denied all the allegations leveled against her but acceded to divorce.

According to her, Ige was irresponsible and in the habit of beating her.

She told the court that her husband was the unfaithful one.

The defendant said she caught the plaintiff sleeping with a teenager in their bed.

She explained that her husband changed and became cold and aggressive towards her after her friend lied to him that she was dating other men.

The defendant stated that the plaintiff stopped sleeping at home.

Sikira also said that Ige abused her physically and tortured her psychologically by sending his lovers’ pictures to her.

According to her, their relationship became irreconcilable after he took a new wife.

She thus pleaded for custody of their children while the court made him responsible for their upkeep.

Sikirat, in her evidence, said, “My husband and I had a traditional wedding, and he paid my bride price.

“My lord, I should be the one accusing my husband of infidelity.

“I have caught him several times with other women.

“The worst of it was a teenager I caught him having s3x with in our matrimonial bed.

“Things turned worse between us after my friend lied to him that I was dating other men.

“He immediately changed towards me. He became cold and aggressive.

“My husband stopped sleeping at home while he turned it to a war zone any time he was around.

“He constantly abused me physically and also tortured me psychologically by sending his lovers’ pictures to me.

“There were a few occasions that I fainted as a result of the heavy blows he dealt me.

“The hope of having our relationship restored was finally dashed after he took a new wife.

“My lord, I agree that our marriage be dissolved.

“I beg this honourable court to grant me custody of our children, but make my husband to be in charge of their welfare.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, adjourned judgment on the case until September 2.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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