JUST IN: The Day You Give Igbo Man Presidency, That's The Day Nigeria Will Discover Why It Is Nigeria -Kanayo - Reportgist

JUST IN: The Day You Give Igbo Man Presidency, That’s The Day Nigeria Will Discover Why It Is Nigeria -Kanayo

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Renowned actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has expressed his thoughts on the transformative impact an Igbo individual could have as President of Nigeria.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Speaking with Nigerian comedian Nedu Ani on “The Honest Bunch Podcast,” Kanayo emphasised that such a leadership change could profoundly reshape the nation, bringing significant economic prosperity and growth.

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Kanayo highlighted the potential for an Igbo presidency to be a pivotal moment for Nigeria, suggesting that it would unlock the country’s latent potential and usher in an era of substantial progress and development.

He firmly believes that this change in leadership would be a catalyst for economic advancement, leading to a period of remarkable growth and prosperity across the nation.

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During the podcast, Kanayo articulated his vision of an Igbo president heralding a revolutionary era for Nigeria.

He suggested that the nation’s economic landscape would transform, resulting in widespread prosperity and a thriving economy.

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According to Kanayo, the advent of an Igbo president would be a turning point, marking the beginning of a new, prosperous chapter in Nigeria’s history.

In addition to discussing the potential impact of an Igbo presidency, Kanayo also shared his views on marriage and religion during the podcast.

He noted that monogamy is not a part of his cultural heritage, suggesting that it is a concept influenced by external factors rather than traditional beliefs.

Moreover, he expressed concerns about the negative influences religion can have on society, indicating that it sometimes hinders progress and societal cohesion.

Kanayo said, “The day you give Igbo man presidency in this country, that’s the day Nigeria will discover why it is Nigeria. Economically, people will begin to say hallelujah.”>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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