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MONEY TALK: Why Ladies Borrow Money From Men But Cant And Wont Repay?

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It’s common knowledge that majority of women have a knack of borrowing money from men with a faint promise to repay, especially if it is a man they are sleeping with or a man who wants to sleep with them or is thinking of sleeping with them.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Why should a woman pay back when she continues to grace that man’s table with beauty, charm and irrepressible charisma?

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Why should a woman pay him back when the man is benefiting from her perfumed smell and continues to accord that man the high privilege of seeing her naked as a tomato?

Any man in a woman’s life shouldn’t have ambitions of having such money back!

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But the problem isn’t even that; it’s how that money was asked- a long spiel about late salary or mentions of arthritic condition of some elderly relative or a stock that has to be cleared before sundowner, or the harsh economic malaise courtesy of the Israel-Hamas gridlock, an elaborate fuss that was appended with a lie at the end- “I will pay you as soon as my salary checks in”. If you’re a man and you are living in a science fictitious world you will wait for end month but if you’re battle hardened if your nose has been bloodied by life a few times, you will know that waiting for that money is like waiting for Godot!

Nowadays, a crop of gentlemen has emerged who also borrow women money and never return the money. Or the chap who makes women pay for their way under some composite heap of excuses. The gentleman comes with a string of excuses about his card or ATM or the company account or his credit card or the “stupid bank” or Bipartisan talks dilemma.

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Ladies who hang out with a genre of such men stay with them in the hope that they can change them. This guy comes in various forms not just the guy who doesn’t pay bills at the bar. He comes in the form of the guy who will ask the lady to for instance book the flights that he will never refund later to moan about losing a “big deal” or if he could get the small balance of 500K he will be back on his feet. He never gets on his feet because he is lazy. And women enable men like these and then moan about how Kenyan men have become useless!

Ladies: If a man calls you for a date and his debit card develops financial cirrhosis let him call his friends for rescue, since he is not a wolf who walks alone.

Some women don’t stop there; they pay a man’s rent month after month because the man is “struggling”. There is a big difference between supporting a man and enabling a man to be a gigolo or male escort.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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