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Nigerian prophet unveils miracle soap, perfume, spiritual shirt, mustard seed

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Jeremiah Fufeyin, founder and head prophet of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry (CMDM), has sparked debate online by launching a new line of faith-based merchandise.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

On Sunday, social media buzzed with Mr Fufeyin’s video showcasing a miracle soap, perfume, spiritual shirt, and mustard seed. Widespread discussion and controversy followed the unveiling of the new faith-based products.

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PREMIUM TIMES gathered that the footage causing a stir on social media was excerpted from the pastor’s live video on Friday.

During the Facebook live session titled ‘The importance of spiritual items of God’, Mr Fufeyin and his wife, Anthonia, discussed God’s words before unveiling the faith-based products.
Miracle soap

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The 52-year-old said the soap is powerful and can cure any disease, noting that he unveiled it for people suffering from disappointment, failure, and delays in achieving their life goals.

He mentioned that some people struggle while many attend church without understanding God’s teachings.

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Mr Fufeyin pointed out that miracles and testimonies often intertwine.
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He said: “This soap, I call it miracle soap. In the book of Psalm 50, verse 7 says that there are some people who, when they visit their helpers’ houses, after entering, the helpers soon avoid them. When a baby is born, it emits a more pungent smell than anything else. Our mothers traditionally use water and oil to cleanse them, which is physical cleaning, but they overlook the spiritual aspects.”

He added that he unveiled the soap to help people with spiritual afflictions that cause an odour, allowing them to cleanse themselves spiritually.

He said that the lack of spiritual cleansing causes many people to emit an unpleasant odour to their potential helpers, resulting in them being denied assistance.

The pastor added that the lack of spiritual cleansing caused many to grow old without finding help.

“When somebody has body odour, you don’t like to stay with the person. People are now being rejected by their helpers because they have never considered the spiritual aspect of washing their bodies. Now, with this soap (miracle soap), all you need is to back it up with the word of God. The handkerchief, the olive oil you see that people were using, and the word of God that backs it up matter a lot. So, some people need to wash their bodies, which smell against their destinies. Many people use all kinds of creams but still emit an odour spiritually.”

During the live session, Mr Fufeyin also unveiled a perfume that he claimed breaks the barriers to failure.

“There are some people who, despite all their efforts in life, cannot progress beyond a certain level. Some people are watching me from various places. There is a limit when they check their accounts; no matter how hard they struggle, their money cannot surpass that level but decreases. Those people need a favour from man. There are small things that contribute to their success, which they are unaware of, and there are also small things that cause their downfall.

“So, how will you overcome it? The Bible says in Genesis 27, verse 27, that his eyes had grown dim before Isaac, the father of Jacob and Esau, could speak. I want to bless you, my son, before you go and make sacrifices for me and prepare a good one for me. When Jacob goes and kneels for his father to bless him, Isaac says certain things, but I’m not going there. I’m just saying the secret things because he said kiss me, number one—second, he said, ‘Smell the smell of my clothes.’”

He claimed that specific individuals emit a spiritual aura that can cling to others, obstructing their success.

“When our mothers give birth to us, there is a smell from the mother that follows the baby. That’s why they use oil and water to wash the baby. You need to meet somebody who will have the smell of prosperity. You need that smell, somebody who will have the scent from God’s favour.”

The pastor noted that the perfume was exceptionally potent and could dispel lingering generational odours.
Mustard seed

Moreover, the Delta-born prophet unveiled a mustard seed, which he claimed was a gift from God.

According to him, the mustard seed can overcome obstacles faced by those who have purchased land but cannot build due to unforeseen circumstances.

“People ask, ‘Jeremiah is a living witness that started yesterday. Today, Jeremiah is everywhere.’ It is not by my power. It’s the power of the Holy Spirit. You know, some pastors have been there before I came. There are millions, hundreds of thousands of pastors who were there before I came, but here I am, and I am not the best, but God has revealed the deeper things, the secret things for me to follow up. That’s why you can see Papa J (Jeremiah Fufeyin) is now expanding all over the world”, Mr Fufeyin said.

He maintained that many struggle to realise their housing dreams because they lack an understanding of spiritual tools.

“Believing that one day I will build it, I built it. Later, the enemies came and sold their lands at auction. Even the money they used to buy did not fetch that amount, and later, they began to cry. Why am I telling you all these things? These unique items must be backed up with the word of God. When the word of God comes and directs a man, and he follows the things of the spirit, that person begins to establish. So, you must have seen all the Mercyland cities. If I ask you how many houses there are in Mercyland City, you can’t count them. When I entered Mercy City, one of the most prominent landmarks in Nigeria,

“We have built a path. When I wanted to enter Mercy City, there was a secret. When I looked around, the Lord said, ‘My son, you think you have nobody to help you. I am the God who provides.’ So, I listened to God. I said, ‘God, what am I going to do?’ He said, ‘Come, go and get the mustard seed.’ God gave me the Israel seed (mustard seed) when I was in Israel. So He said, ‘Keep this seed. When the time comes, I will make you use it.’ So, when the time came, I looked at the place. What should I say? It was a swamp all over. Water everywhere. If I’m as tall as I am and enter Mercy City, the water will swallow me. So, that’s how it was, and I entered the city. In the centre of the city, the Lord said, ‘Take a mustard seed there, dig a place, speak a word unto the mustard seed, bury it there, and I will bury it right in Mercy City.’”

He said that if he gave the mustard seed to anyone who believed in it, their business would flourish.

“So, it’s a secret that when I started building it after I constructed it, and then after I buried it, I prayed peacefully, asking God to bless it from everywhere. So, in Nigeria, you must call any time, any hour. If you talk about churches, you speak about Mercy Land. So, this is now a secret; it was a backup.

However, he unveiled a T-shirt he claimed was anointed, which works through spiritual matters, defends, and brings blessings.

“The t-shirt I’m referring to—now listen carefully—is something I want you to understand. That’s why the Bible mentions Zechariah 3. The angel appeared to Joshua and instructed him to remove his filthy garment. Though the garment Joshua wore appeared clean physically, spiritually, it was deemed dirty.”

Mr Fufeyin said that he could not worship Jesus Christ and suffer, emphasising that if Christians suffered, nobody would glorify God.

He also disclosed that numerous pastors criticise their peers out of jealousy. He added that an evil spirit influences any pastor who condemns another.

He said, ‘This behaviour is not new. As the Bible says, “By their fruit, you will recognise them.” I pose one question to pastors worldwide: Should we disregard the passage where Jesus proclaimed that we have only one judge?’”

Mr Fufeyin announced that mustard seeds, T-shirts, perfume, and soap will be available at his upcoming programme, ‘Break the Limit,’ scheduled for 14-17 August.
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