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Purchase Gold On THESE 4 Days Of The Week To Attract Maximum Benefits And Good Luck

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Auspicious Day To Purchase Gold: In India, gold is seen as an auspicious metal to acquire due to its reputation as a secure investment and its association with beauty and grandeur. Given the emotional and financial significance of gold, many people question when is the ideal time to purchase it.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Buying gold on specific auspicious days or on lucky days of the week is believed to aid in amassing good luck. Let’s examine which four days, according to astrology, are lucky for buying gold.

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4 Lucky Days Of The Week To Purchase Gold


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The Moon rules Monday, which is associated with growth, peace and contentment. Given that the Moon is connected to silver, one may wonder if they may make gold purchases on Monday. Of course! To go with the moon ideas, think about going with white gold.


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Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Mars (Mangal). Anyone can buy gold on Tuesday, particularly individuals with a less pronounced Mars influence in their horoscope. It is believed that pleasing Lord Mars will infuse one’s life with vigour, energy, and self-assurance. Although copper is the most fortunate colour for Mars, if you want to connect with the planet’s energy on a Tuesday, think about wearing Rose Gold jewellery.

Certain days of the week are believed to be auspicious for purchasing gold. (Image Source: Canva)


If you’re feeling a little out of balance with Jupiter’s energy, making any kind of investment on Thursdays can be the cosmic push you need to get things back on track. Can we purchase gold on Thursday then? Of course! Investing in gold on this day is thought to bring prosperity and good fortune thanks to Jupiter’s blessings. Additionally, buying gold undoubtedly brings prosperity, expansion, and good fortune when Pushyami arrives.


Sunday is the Sun God’s day. It goes by the name “Ravivar” in different languages, where “Ravi” refers to the Sun. So is Sunday a good day to purchase gold? Obviously! You may have heard that consuming water that has been charged with copper enhances your body’s solar energy. Functions in the same way: yellow gold and rose gold, both with a coppery tinge, both serve to strengthen the sun in your horoscope. Also, as gold has a direct relationship to the sun, wearing it strengthens your body and mind. Therefore, for lucky outcomes, you can purchase gold on Sunday.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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