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Reason Women Don’t Want to Sleep with Their Husbands After 45? Three Women Tell the Truth

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Barbara Nichols said, “Marriage is like a book, the first chapter is a poem, and the rest is prose.” In reality, most marriages are like this. No matter how passionate the love was when young, the relationship tends to become dull and routine in middle age, just like holding hands.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Love without marriage is fragile like a bubble; marriage without love is dull like plain water. So, in middle-aged marriages, is it a lack of love or genuine boredom towards each other? Some say the killer of marriage is not infidelity, but time.

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Even the most beautiful love fades with time. Without proper nurturing, a good marriage will also become monotonous. Some women over 45 are unwilling to sleep with their husbands anymore. Why is that? These three women tell the truth. The longevity of marriage depends on two hearts, not just bodies. I’ve been married to my husband for over twenty years. Although we didn’t have a passionate love story, we’ve been quite happy along the way. When we were young, we were very poor and worked hard to earn money.

Now, we have money, but our health has deteriorated, and our sleep quality isn’t great. We both suffer from insomnia easily.A few years ago, we decided to sleep in separate rooms so we wouldn’t disturb each other. This way, we have our own space, can read before bed without bothering the other, and sleep better.

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Initially, it was uncomfortable, and we worried about what others might think. Over time, we found it beneficial. This way, his late nights don’t disturb me, and my early mornings don’t wake him up.

This habit continues today. Even though we sleep separately, it doesn’t affect our relationship. Our sleep quality has improved, and we feel more energetic during the day. In middle age, we no longer need the fiery love of youth. We just want a quiet life and to take care of our health.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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