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Relax Man, Sweet signs that shows your woman is having a boy child

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It might be the early days of your pregnancy or you may not even plan on finding out for definite until baby is here but looking for signs you’re having a boy or girl can really add to the excitement while you wait for your new arrival.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Remember, there is no scientific evidence behind these old wives’ tales and only a scan will confirm your child’s gender before they are born, so try not to get hung up on the results.
Morning sickness

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– Some believe that having less severe morning sickness

is associated with carrying a boy.
Heart rate:

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A fetal heart rate above 140 beats per minute is often associated with a girl, so a lower heart rate might suggest a boy.
Carrying low:

Carrying the baby low is said to be a sign of a boy or if you’re carrying higher, you may be having a girl.
Cravings –

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One pregnancy myth

says that if you’re craving salty or savoury foods could indicate a baby boy.
Baby’s position:

If your baby’s position is more to the right in the womb, this might indicate you’re carrying a boy.
Urine colour:

Darker urine is sometimes linked to carrying a boy.
Skin acne:

An increase in pregnancy acne

might signal a boy.
Dad’s weight gain:

Believe it or not, some believe that if the father gains weight during the pregnancy, it’s a sign of a boy.
Cold feet:

Feeling chilly? Cold feet during pregnancy might suggest a boy.
Emotional state:

If you’ve been feeling more aggressive or irritable, this could be associated with carrying a boy.
Hair growth:

Noticed that your locks are getting long? Faster hair growth during pregnancy might be a sign of a boy.

What doyouthink? Sometimes a mother’s intuition is a strong indicator of the baby’s gender.
Breast size: Breast change is common in pregnancy

but if your right breast is larger than your left, it could suggest a boy.
Sleeping position:

Sleeping on your left side is said to indicate a boy while the right side indicates a girl.

Experiencing more headaches during pregnancy

might be a sign of a boy.
No Glow:

People say that if you’re not experiencing the “pregnancy glow,” you might be carrying a boy.
Weight gain:

It’s of course expected to gain weight during pregnancy but if you’re carrying weight more in front, it could be a sign of a boy.
Nose shape:

Apparently if your nose widens during pregnancy, you might be having a boy.
Baby’s movements:

Strong, active movements from your little one might suggest a boy.
Cravings for protein:

Craving more protein could be associated with having a boy on the way.
Pregnancy line:

A faint or light-coloured linea nigra

(the line that appears on your belly during pregnancy) might suggest a boy.
Chinese Gender Calendar:

Try using our Chinese gender predictor tool, as certain combinations of maternal age and conception month predict a boy.
Ring test:

Using a ring on a string over your belly, it’s said that if it moves back and forward, you’re having a boy.
Dry hands:

If you’ve found you’re in need of hand moisturiser a lot, this apparently means you could be pregnant with a boy.

Naturally, for a lot of the above, the opposite might be a sign you’re having a girl instead.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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