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Top 10 Dangerous animals that kill most humans yearly

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The animals below are the most deadliest to humans:>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

1. Mosquitoes: 725,000

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Mosquitoes are insects in the family Culicidae, known for their blood-sucking behavior. There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes found on every continent except Antarctica.

Female mosquitoes are the ones that bite humans and animals because they need blood to produce eggs. They are vectors for many serious diseases, including malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus, and West Nile virus.

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Male mosquitoes do not bite, instead they feed on nectar and plant juices.

It is estimated that diseases spread by mosquitoes kill about 725,000 humans annually.

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2. Humans: 400,000

Every day there are reports of a human death caused by another human.

However, homicide which is a direct cause of death of a human by another human claims about 400,000 lives yearly.

3. Snakes: 138,000

A snake bite

Snakes are elongated, limbless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes. Like all other squamates, snakes are ectothermic, amniote vertebrates covered in overlapping scales.

Many species of snakes have skulls with several more joints than their lizard ancestors, enabling them to swallow prey much larger than their heads (cranial kinesis).

Even though snakes are an important part of the ecosystem as they help to control rodent populations and other prey animals, they are dangerous to humans.

Many snake species have venom, a complex cocktail of chemicals designed by evolution to help snakes subdue and digest their prey, and sometimes for defense.

Some snake species even though they lack venom are still capable of killing humans such as by strangling their victims.

It is estimated that snakes kill about 138,000 people yearly.

4. Dogs: 59,000

Dogs are human’s favourite pets. They are loyal, loving, and intelligent companions that can provide humans with unconditional love, social support, and even health benefits.

There are over 200 recognized breeds of dogs, each with its own unique set of characteristics. However, there have been reports of dogs killing humans.

It is estimated that dogs cause the death of 59,000 humans annually.

5. Assassin Bugs: 10,000

Assassin bugs are predatory insects belonging to the family Reduviidae.

There are more than 7,000 species of assassin bugs found worldwide, but only a few dozen are known to feed on human blood.

They cause the death of about 10,000 people yearly.

6. Scorpions: 3,300

7. Crocodiles: 1,000

8. Elephants: 600

9. Hippos: 500


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