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VIDEO: Olu Jacobs Confirms He’s Not Dead

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Veteran Nollywood actor, Olu Jacobs confirmed in a new video circulating online that he is alive, debunking the rumour flying around some hours ago that he is dead.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

His wife and actress, Joke Silva also debunked the rumour of her husband’s death, saying he is much alive and doing just fine.

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This is the second time rumours about the death of the legendary Nigerian actor will be making the rounds on social media.

Joke Silva in her reply to an sms inquiry by Vanguard replied, “My husband is alive and doing just fine.”

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A close source to the family (name withheld), informed Vanguard that the AGN President told him that he spoke with the wife today and they spoke for over one hour without any mention of such news.

“Somebody who has lost a husband cannot be that chatty and Gail on phone,” the source said.

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Also, Betty Irabor, an associate of the family has also debunked the rumour.

The final nail on the coffin of the rumour was a broadcast by Channels TV where they were seen speaking with the actor who said he is alive and in fact preparing to go to Ikoyi Club this evening.

In the new video circulating online, the actor was seen having his haircut, replying to a man believed to be his son who told him “dad, they said you died”.

The Nollywood legend laughed and replied, “na lie”>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Watch video below:

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